Wednesday, January 13, 2010

world wide wonderful

my web skillz are very spare, but they are a bit higher than someone who knows nothing about the web at all.

i made a blog for a 2nd person to promote a fishing tournament that's for charity. blogs are simple. the group actually has a big nice web page, that came with a HIGH price. so rather than paying to have it modified, i made them a blog with all the dsetails that links to their real website, as well as linking to paypal so people can pay their registration fees.

the group is very happy with it. i only had to tweak a few things and they were good to go.

my reward?

a big fat steak dinner for me and my husband, donated by someone connected with the group! their dinners run around $45 each, so i made $90 bucks!

and free advertising on their flyers! maybe i can help someone else with their projects.

bartering is good!

anybody got an extra smartcar and a need for a blog?

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