Wednesday, June 29, 2011


i have gotten an extension on getting my paperwork into the eye who sees all. i have another month. i have had a hard time making myself sit down and do it. so i took a page from the parenting handbook and ordered a very coveted item from sephora- a nars blush in super orgasm.  i can't use it or even open the box until i mail off the stack of paperwork. that will be my reward, my carrot on the stick. i've really wanted it for a while- i love the color- so i figured if anything will make me it done, this will.

i also took on 1/2 days work doing a resume for a friend. he doesn't have a job and he had mentioned he found a propane tank for a grill when he was moved and had no idea where it came- his house is in forclosure. i need a propane tank for a grill. so we decided to swap. he brought the tank over yesterday and will be bringing me his info for the resume tonight. a resume is pretty easy and won't take me any time to finish. i told him it would be ready monday but i'm hoping i can bang it out in no time, by friday if he gets it here tonight.

my housework is suffering. but i am doing okay. the dishes are done, and bobo aand i have decided to just eat off two plates, 2 bowls and 2 glasses. it makes dish washing time much easier. i've boxed up a bunch of stuff i know i won't need everyday- like thanksgiving crap. i've left some things out, like extra plates in case the kids and kidlets come over. i refuse to eat on paper plates and i feel like my culinary masterpieces deserve something better than paper plates.

i'm kind of doing a slow purge in prep for moving sometime in the next year.i'm having one more yard sale in the fall then all my clutter should be done.

i did have one bright spot. i bought a keurig coffee maker for .01 and free shipping on ebay. it was supposed to be non-working for parts only, and i was going to let bobo work on it. but it works! now i just need to buy some k-cups. i know this doesn't fit in with frugality and decluttering. i only drink coffee once in a while and i figured out i can make it a lot cheaper than starbucks. seriously, i drink maybe a cup a week, so it's not really an issue. i'm going to buy a few types of k-cups and eventually it will all even out.

nothing else is going on. soon i will be over the paperwork and i will be running around cleaning the house wearing beautiful nars blush in super orgasm!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

just an old school slacker

at just the time my body breaks, my time runs out. there is no was i will make the deadline. plus add into it the fact that i was shorted 5 days because of the holiday, i'm saying eff it. i can't do it. i did a big portion and i think by tomorrow, i will have the first set due- 5 sets! and then i have to do 3 more. the total together should net me about $5K. i think as long as i show i am making an effort, i'll be okay. we are talking a few days here. i don't owe it, so what's the deal?

i'm just sick of looking at it, so tonight i am slacking. tomorrow i will get up and go buy a beef roast and cook it until it's falling apart. i can make rice and vegetables too. tomorrow while i complete my mid-point of this huge task, dinner will be cooking itself! woo hoo!

i'll be around later, when i get my mess finished.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


i was going to have a pity party here today, saying i am done with everything. 

but i changed my mind.

i am taking a short break from printing forms from the eye arr ess website. i have a folder for each year, with 2 copies of every form so i will have a copy to keep. i have sorted the stuff they sent me by year. my stupid old boss would be very proud of the care i am taking.

once the packets are finished, i begin the actual math on saturday. i am going to buy a system just for these documents. i am NEVER going through this again (recreating 8 years worth of stuff).

but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. and it's not a train. it's a possible $$$$. yes, $$$$!
gotta go back, their website is working again.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

picnics in the moon light

i ended up making 2 things for the picnic:

  • a jell-o and frozen fruit granita kind of thing. i was told later i was supposed to enter it in the contest but i screwed up and just stuck it on the table with the food. it was all eaten.
  • i opened 2 small cans of collard greens in one side of a divided pyrex dish and put a big can of turnip greens on the other side. it was all eaten. 
they had some great bbq meat which we turned into nachos. plus they had tons of side dishes, homemade ice cream, tons of desserts and ice cold watermelons. we help set up, so we left when the fireworks started and beat the crowd home. i want to join the church but something is holding me back. could it be...satan?!?!?!?

i had one of my favorite dinners tonight: rosemary and olive oil triscuits, sharp cheddar, sweet grape tomatoes and thinly sliced cajun fried turkey. i didn't have to cook. i just had the adult version of lunchables. all i needed was a capri sun and an oreo to complete the meal. i ate on the patio, it was so beautiful and overcast, not sunny, so i didn't haul the umbrella out. we have same patio umbrella 11 years. we only bring it in or out when we are entertaining or having a cook-out. i think i got my $30 worth.

i have a recipe for you, from a friend whose grandmother has been making for it years. i can't wait for my tomatoes to come in good, i'm SO making this savory delicious pie! thanks, SRC!

Grandma's Garden Tomato Pie
1 frozen pie shell
2 medium size tomatoes, cored & diced, chunky
1 cup shredded mozzarella
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup mayonnaise
salt & pepper
Fresh Basil, 10-15 leaves, torn or cut up (more or less to your personal taste)

Heat oven to 350. Put tomatoes in a colander, salt really well, let drain. It's really important to remove as much water/liquid as possible from the tomatoes. You can squeeze or blot w/a paper towel if you want to. Mix fresh chopped basil in the draining tomatoes & pepper. After tomatoes have been drained, line the bottom of the pie shell. Mix cheeses & mayo together (you can put some basil in that if want to) & spread on top of the tomatoes. Bake for 30 minutes, until crust & top of pie is browned.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


nothing is happening with me.

i have been praying a lot for those affected by the tornadoes. i am having a big yard sale and after i pay out my friend for what ever she sells, i am donating the proceeds toward recovery efforts. i am also donating what is left to the church that is taking donations down there. the kids have some books and clothes that i am bringing. i have about 15 boxes of stuff from my friend who moved. i have a laundry pile of clothing i have "outgrown" by losing weight, so i can be shed of those. there are a few pieces i am putting on ebay. i think i could get more than a buck for those.

otherwise, everything is a dollar or less. i don't plan on bringing anything home with me.

i will get gift cards that i will give the church to pass on to those who need it. the only reason i am going to all this trouble is to get money that can be used for needed items. plus a $100 gift card takes up less space than a trunkful of household doo-dads.

the next couple of days are going to be busy. i don't want to sell dirty clothes, so i am making sure everything is clean. i have some hangers but i need more. i am selling more of my stuff. i am moving the car out of the garage and just dragging everything out in the middle of the floor before i box it up.

it's not supposed to rain and the yard we are using is shaded. i will get my change thursday at the bank.i have a bank full of quarters, i may use that instead. i could work on collecting $1 bills for the next couple of days.

wish me luck!