Friday, December 30, 2011

pen to paper

it's that time of year when i begin thinking about the calendar i will use for the coming year. it's a tradition for me to go to the bookstore on jan. 1 and get one for 1/2 price.

i go back on mlk day and get the ones i want for 90% off! then i go crazy. my favorites are the ones with solid bound covers, like textbooks. i get a secret thrill, as if i'm defacing a text book.

i have been using a medium-sized blue sky for the last few years. i have a filofax i use to stick in info that is not relevant at this second. tree guy? he's in there. that kind of thing.

i have bought a small wire-bound planner, out of the the dollar bin. it's pink and black. it will fit in my purse easily. i am going to try it out.

but i might buy the blue sky one anyway. you never know.

the check with the lady liberty is coming. i got a notice to send more documentation for something, my bad. it didn't mention a tax, it just said my refund couldn't be issued until i sent it in. that thing is going in the mail tomorrow. i have to go to the po box, so i will mail it then, as well as something else i need to get in the mail.

i found an attorney and we have to come up with some upfront money so that what we can see if the documents i have is actually what was filed. i will have the money jan. 15 and we are working on an inventory list for damages. they will take the case on a contingency basis, so i am making sure i get every safety pin that was in the house.  i think it will only take a letter from an attorney to get a settlement.

i am still looking for a house. i think i have a line on one near the church. it's got a fsbo and a for rent sign in the yard. the backyard is fenced for the mutt. he's not really a mutt, but just a pedigree with a bad attitude.

Friday, December 16, 2011


i got a very sad disappointment today.

i used to have a very horrible relationship in which she used me for whatever could squeeze out of me. she would steal from me even though i would loan her anything i could. she stole my engagement ring from an ex-boyfriend worth $10,000 and sold it for $50. she treated me like someone's easy mark. she never understood the difference from a loan and a gift.

we didn't see each other for a few years. when we reconciled, she admitted she had been diagnosed with bi-polar disease, she was taking effective medication and she apologized for all her pass wrongdoings.

things were okay. for a while.

she asked to borrow a sweater of mine and she is a smoker, so she promised not to smoke in it. this was too years ago. so i asked for it back again last week-end when i saw her. she had it hanging and the neck was all stretched out. it had several huge holes in it. it had a fine coating of dust on it and reeked of cigarette smoke and febreeze, which gives me a headache anyway.

i loaned her a tv for my niece to use. it was not to leave her house. today she told me that it was at my niece's house, one of those places where she would give you a tv for a pack of cigarettes and a 6-pack. then she said her husband was using it in the garage. then she claimed it never worked and she donated it to goodwill. all i know is i am out a tv. it was working when it was unplugged and put in her car. she claimed the tv on her taxes. it wasn't hers to claim.

i had an old honda. since bobo is unemployed, we didn't need it. she financed a hummer last year and she can't afford gas to put in it. i sold it to her for $500 bucks. i even set up a payment plan with her. she broke it the first month by asking to pay only half of a payment. now she's running around telling family members how she "fucked" me over on the car, that it is worth a lot more than i asked for it.

i don't get how someone can be like that and denigrate the people who are trying to help her. i'm done with her.

besides, she hung up on me and i don't tolerate that. i will not be accepting her calls at all.

i can now go back to not having a sister.

i like being an only child better.

i probably will never see the rest of the money for the car. but at least i can put that money down as valuable lesson learned.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


what is the big deal about pinterest?

it must be amazing, it caused my daughter-in-law to try to cook something.

that is nothing short of a miracle. i requested an invite.

i am on a waiting list.

wtf does that mean?

pinterest. pinterest. pinterest. we shall see.


i got a call from the bank. very strange. pretty much, she indicated it was the bank's fault but they wish to deal with an attorney, not me.

she then called me from her cellphone and told me how to win the case.

weird. but i am taking her advice. she is sending me some documents.

we shall see.

i don't care anymore. not in the least.

i guess i will go back to counting on the lottery.

i am still waiting on my check with the statue of liberty on it. i called and was told i will have it in 90 days or so.

woo hoo!

i don't feel very christmas-y today.

could ya tell?

Monday, December 5, 2011

christmas limbo

the bank denied my claim last week, providing with a proof of delivery of foreclosure papers.

they are counterfeit.

the local postmaster examined it and gave me a signed statement that the item had never been through the postal service and was filled out wrong in about 7 ways. i have the bank by the ballls.

she seemed very surprised today that i had questioned the validity of the proof. no one has ever done that. she idly asked I wonder how many people this happened to? you can't be the only one."
um, robo-signers. heard of that. prime example.

she said she was going to see what i wanted and how close she could come. i gave her some numbers but told her they were bottom line. if i have to go any further, i will make sure it is a much larger amount. she also asked for an inventory. i told her if i made one, it would take 5 days and waste a lot of her time when she reads it. i explained how i was figuring it- according to our insurance limits" and she agreed it would be much easier. i agreed but offered to inventory everything again. she declined.

in other news, still waiting on the check with the picture of lady liberty on it. it will come in handy.

regardless of these things, i am still going to get a home using the $14,999 satellite grand program and usda to get my mortgage. i would rather pay cash for the house, but i am not going to let a moneymaker like this pass me by. if i have cash, i buy. if i am still waiting, i use the usda. simple

i would like to be able to get a newer used car and new living room furniture. maybe a counter high bar table. those are easy to get in and get out. but i have enough junk to fill the rest of the house. i will be able to have the house of my dreams.

and maybe a new white smart car!