Thursday, November 26, 2009

no left-overs

i was contacted by an old friend a few weeks ago, after not seeing or hearing from her for over 5 years. i was glad to hear from her. but i was still hurt about things i will discuss later. i would do it now, but i want to sleep tonight and i will get overwrought and emotional if i think too much about it.

i invited her to thanksgiving. i ended up renting a car to pick her up 300 miles away, at my expense.

first, she didn't tell me that she was bringing a cat with her. a cat that my jack could sling around like a ragdoll.

then she lay around all day in bed, nude. she refused to bathe. the guest room still reeks. but she could walk fine when she wanted a cigarette. i have a no smoking policy, but i told her she could smoke on the porch. but she decided one night it was too much trouble.
she smoked in my house in the middle of the night.

it woke me up!

so i had to blast her for it. she apologized and said she wouldn't smoke inside anymore. but i can still smell it now, a week later.

she showed up 15 minutes late for thanksgiving dinner. after grace was said. i hadn't even set a place for her when she wasn't up and around at noon. so we squeezed her in and ate.

she ate like a bird at the meal. later she and my husband's cousin sat outside and smoked.

no one offered to help me with the dishes. it took 3 hours to get everything clean.

later that night, she got up and ate every bite of leftovers- EVERYTHING! i kid you not! she ate one and a half 9" X 13" pans of dressing. she ate an entire 1/2 turkey breast.

finally i took her home saturday, one week later. i couldn't wait to take her home. i hate to be a miserable shrew, but i hope i never see her again.

i miss the friend she used to be.

i also miss my leftovers!