Tuesday, March 29, 2011

it's my birthday!

yes, i am 46 years old today! i have gotten some great gifts:

  • $50 target card- i have decided to buy a gas grill and will add this to the $50 in rx gift cards i have already.
  • $50 gift card to my favorite gift shop- they sell vera bradley and tervis tumblers! my son and his wife cooked us a great dinner sunday night- which is halfway between our birthdays.
  • a new vera bradley purse and key ring in the baroque pattern- hubby asked me what pattern i wanted and i gave him the $20 gift card i got from vera bradley for my birthday. kudos to the saleperson who helped him pick it out!
  • i have a box of gifts coming from my oldest friend who lives in missouri.
  • a flip ultra video camcorder- just wait, i'm going to bore the crap out of you with my stupid videos of my dog!

now, drumroll-

  • $646! i won 2nd prize in a weigh loss contest i found on the internet! the buy in was $20. i will be buying a set of tires for my car and probably buy something weird with the rest. i lost over 60 lbs. in the last 12 weeks.
  • in direct contradiction to the above entry, my husband is taking me out for sushi tomorrow. we would have gone today, but i have my weight loss class tonight and i want to weigh in skinny! tomorrow, i will stuff my face with sushi!
i really have great friends and family, right? yes, people love me.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

energized by the sunshine and the supermoon

did anyone catch the supermoon last night? i went out to watch it and it seemed much clearer than it normally does. the people 2 doors down had their solstice party, they had the last one at christmas. i can only guess that they are pagan or wiccan, as they never have company unless it is within a few days of a solstice. i have detected a pattern. i guess i did a gladys kravitz on them. i wish they would invite me. but this neighborhood is not designed to make friends easily. we are isolated by a ditch between every yard and we live on a very steep hill.

it was so nice yesterday, i did some gardening work, which at this point is just cleaning things up and deciding what will go where. i have planted my iris bulbs and plan on planting some bulbs that are like white buttercups. i want to get a forsythia bush for the front floorbed, as well as couple of hostas.

i have planted iris bulbs in pots on either side of the back door. to one pot, i added hollyhock seeds. to the other, i added delphiniums. i want to be able to fill my house with fresh cut flowers!

i am not sure what to do about the trellis situation. i have 3 trellises which i plant in front of the porch and use it to enclose the front porch. i am not sure if i want morning glorys, moon flowers and four o'clocks (so that it is in effect a living clock) or trying crimson vine this year. i planted too may last year- 6 flowers per trellis- and it bent the trellises. so we wired a metal chair to it to keep it upright. when that fell, we started adding bricks to the chairs to hold it down. i think 2 flowers max per trellis will be enough. i did find some pink morning glory seeds, so that might be interesting.

i won't even get started on the roses!

i would like to find tea bushes, so i can make my own tea. i think that would be fun. i also want a pomegranate bush. but i am doing this the frugal way ad getting things on sale, or smaller specimens or accepting any gifts of cuttings and rootings the universe might send my way.

Friday, March 18, 2011

ass, gas or grass- no one rides for free!

i see by my stats that a lot of people cruise by my place. i wish you would cosider leaving me some comment love, just so i get an idea of who is here.

otherwise, i will ask for cash and put a tip jar up there! you know how funky people get about those.

i need some money or some love!

leave me some love! please!

quick tip

i am making lunch right now. i am the only pizza eater in the house, so if i makes the entire pizza, i either 1)overeat or 2) the dog ejoys a nice pizza. today i cut the frozen pizza into fourths and refroze 3 of them- the fourth is in the oven with yummy spices added. i wrapped the other three in the plastic off the pizza- to keep them from sticking together and jammed it  all in a plastic bag that i threw in the freezer- i made sure it was flat!

i ca't believe something so simple is the answer to my problem!

hope it helps somebody  besides me!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


while husband and i were busy being sick sick, we failed to abduct a vagrant with a cheerful smile who likes doing domestic chores hire a maid to do the housework. now that i am feeling better  i am catching up on piled/loads of dirty dishes and mountains of clean unfolded laundry (not the  stinky dirty kind, we at least had the sense to throw the dirty flu-ridden clothing and washing everything in hot water with bleach). i wish they made a sorting and folding machine, i would buy one in a heart beat! i would love to own a nice maytag or whirlpool or LG or whatever from load washer and dryer. quick some employee with a boring day, send me some to review. i will heart you forever!
i have remodeled the front bedroom we use as a tv room (but usually it's the quiet room where i sit and stare.) i am at the point of revision where it requires the purchase of a beautiful full futon cover from csnstores (i've been trying to win a gift certificate from there forever!!!!) and it's beautiful, right at $100. it's all orange burgundy, and asian and beautiful. the pattern is above. it is called sikora. i am open to product review for this item, and ottoman cover and some bolsters and pillow covers too! i am putting off cleaning out the alcove because i will have to move the recliner and that's a chore in itself. i have a verdigris iron baker's rack with has the top in the garage, and i need to get a piece of glass cut for one of the shelves. if beveling doesn't the bank, i will just have pieces cut for the other matching shelf as well as a piece to covert the grate in the bottom. i tried to pull off a double decorative theme here: asian, as done in a very overblown agatha christie oriental express style with some sushi and lush fabrics thrown in. i had to work within my budget, so a good bit of my accents are from the clearance aisle at Marshall's.

if i were rich, it would be the meditation room.

but i'm poor and i have too much stuff in it and it looks more like a chinese restaurant in an obscure strip mall. but i like it.

i think bobo is getting me a digital camcorder for my birthday. he asked me what i want and i even showed him the target ad, as well as an alternative if that one is sold out. i also told him the $30 fake bamboo plant at the discount store would work as well.

in other news, i made it to round 2 of the charlie sheen internship contest. i submitted my application yesterday. the lioness sleeps with one eye open.

i am winning.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

it's late, much too late...

i have to be up in less than 5 hours, driving to a friend's house. from there, it's off to amish country!

i will be doing the 30 days of songs and making up for the lost entry tomorrow.

what are you doing? leave me a comment!