Wednesday, November 23, 2011

never enough

i didn't buy enough drinks, so i asked my dil to get the 2-12 packs i needed. was that bad?

i invited them over for dinner because we are getting a ham and its easy enough to throw out some bisquits and eggs. maybe some eggos or pancakes if the tiny country store has it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

send in the clowns...

i made my trip to the grocery store today. i needed to buy drinks to take to my aunt's house. i refuse to wait until tomorrow. everybody and their aunt will be running out to buy those few things they forgot, it's going to be a madhouse. so i went today and got what i needed and go out in about 1 minute flat. the drinks are out in the car. i am bringing them in to the refrigerator so they will cold for thanksgiving.

it is so nice not having to cook, but while i am enjoying my clean counter tops and clean dishes and no piles of pots and pans, i do kind of miss the family being busy together. but i console myself with the thought that i have SURFACES for the holidays. yes, all you ab-fab fans, i have SURFACES. i did not purchase them.

i didn't really decorate for thanksgiving. i just used my default flowers and curtains, which are kind of brown-y and fall-ish. it'll pass for thanksgiving.

but i am blowing this bi-otch out for christmas. i am excited for my friend to come see my house and spend time with me. i am getting out all my christmas decorations and floozy up the place. i have the urge to go to the craft store and buy a glue gun and go crazy, hot-gluing things everywhere. but i am going to control myself and wait until after christmas, when it is on clearance! clearance is my favorite holiday.


i have this really bad craving for sushi, i will wait until saturday lunch and go to the good sushi place. i can bring a book, then go the back way to my secret parking place at target. there are 4 spaces immediately to the right of the target store, ring along the edge of the building. one is handicapped. they might as well paint my name on that one. by going the back way, i avoid all traffic.i'm just navigating between 3 different shopping centers back lots. but it works for me.

and now for something really thought-provoking:

john lennon said it best.

Monday, November 21, 2011

giving thanks!

i have something big to be thankful for:

i don't have to cook this year. i am going to my aunt's house. all i have to bring are drinks. those are easy enough to conjure up.

no dirty dishes, no sinks full of sorted china and crystal that take forever to wash and dry.

i think i am having a special christmas breakfast. i bought a stand that holds 12 appetizer plates, so i can use those and not have a million dishes to wash. those grandkids love some pork, so here is what the menu is shaping up to be:

  1. scrambled eggs
  2. a big ass ham
  3. bacon
  4. sausage links (and maybe patties too)
  5. biscuits
  6. sausage gravy
  7. hashbrown casserole 
  8. pancakes or french toast (or maybe eggo waffles but cook them in the oven
  9. hot cocoa
  10. sweet tea
i have enough time to buy the things i need on sale between now and christmas. the ads are very good at the grocery store at this time of year. i will use my holiday book and write it all down. 

did i ever tell you about the holiday book? it's a big red journal i got at some dirty santa game, but i like it. it's got a red leather cover and about 200 lines pages. i write a menu for each holiday i host and make out the shopping list. i also have a list of ingredients in each dish, so if i want to remove something from the menu, i know what ingredients i don't need to purchase. i also make copies of the recipes and tuck them into the journal. i make paper pockets and label everything. i also make a copy of the recipe to fit an index card and file them in the recipe box. it's a very martha thing to do. 

i also feel being very fancy this chistmas, my gay friend is coming up and i love him to death. so we will drink sweet tea out of my best wal-mart goblets and dine off my pampered chef appetizer plates. we are doing a huge christmas feast of mainly appetizers and a ham. we also have the grub list of places to visit, like the mexican buffet. he's never been. the oriental huge buffet with a big sushi bar.  the good sandwich shop from 30 years ago. 

dang, i'm getting hungry!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the end of a nightmare

i finished my little government project last night.. i called them as i had been instructed to do. i got two of the biggest assholes i have ever spoken to in my life. it seems like the more i make things right, the more they try to ruin my life. i was told to fax them in. sorry, too costly.

i offered to mail them via priority mail, with a tracking number. they said it would take too long for someone to record them as received. again, their problem, not mine.

i offered to take them into the nearest service center-the easiest option and that was when the crap it the fan.

i am not speaking ill of the mentally challenged, but i think this certain government agency hires mainly mental defects.they certainly have no souls.

i was told that even if i bring them in, they would still have 4 months to process them. they could also dip into my bank account or take my disability insurance. there was no way around that. i would need to set up a payment plan that would require me to pay $600 per month. sorry, not happening. not when you consider that when all is said and done, it was their mistake. i actually have a refund due, why should i make payment arrangements on money i don't owe?

i didn't sleep last night. at all.

luckily, i got someone today who actually knew their behind from a hole in the ground. she has put a freeze on collection efforts to give me time to get them the records. i have her name and number so i can call her again once i put the records in their hands, she will continue the freeze on the collection efforts. god bless you, ms. hooks!

she made up for the rude bastard i got last night. all i can say is, i hope a house falls on him. i got the impression that he doesn't have any balls at home, but double balls at work.

the bank is still playing their game of legal review. they missed another deadline and failed to call me yesterday. i was told they are having to get records pulled from various storage facilities because it was several years ago. if you have been following the news, in a lot of cases there are no actual documents to pull. if they had listened to my concerns before all the crap happened, the files would have been easy to access. i had to read part of a letter THEY wrote to me to their representative because she didn't have a copy of their own correspondence. they want me to think they kept up with all the records from years ago? they need to give up the game now. i plan on filing my case with the attorney after jan. 1, regardless of where they are in their little game.

i spoke with a mortgage lender and we discussed purchasing a house. i can start looking at the beginning of the year. i qualify for 2 programs- usda 5% mortgage and $14,999 down payment assistance. for a house comparable to the one i am in now, my house note will be about $250 less per month. the house i am in now is a lease-to-own, meaning i can walk away tomorrow with no consequences. i forfeit my down payment, but i plan on taking my appliances. i have had too many problems with this house to stay  here. did i mention the sewage tank is full of roots because the builder didn't properly clear the land? i won't even go into the incident with the jacuzzi other than to say thank god i didn't turn the jets on while i was in it! i probably would have ended up with some 3rd world country disease. luckily, i have a separate shower.

my hope is that i will get a nice chunk of change from the bank and just buy a house, but i am looking into other options just in case. plus i have time to clear out my junk hoard in the garage. i will be burning up ebay and craigslist, turning junk into moola!

i keep telling myself that it will all be over soon, ending with me being in great favor sitting pretty and smelling like a rose. i pray a lot, probably selfish prayers, but i really identify with job.