Monday, January 21, 2013

you got a bonus entry

just found an entry i failed to publish. kind of shows you where my head was at before i got sick. there anybody in here?

written dec. 18, 2012. famous last words!

i have been a bad blogger, but i had a good reason.

i hurt my foot really baglass. then it got infected.  somehow i walked threw the remnants of a blown light bulb. it was thin shards of glass that got jammed into my foot. i have really bad diabetic neuropathy and i never even felt it. so my skin grew over the glass. then it infected itself and i had to do minor surgery with a needle to get the shiny blades of torture. let's just say it was a mess.

i haven't been able to ....well, pretty much, uuuuuumm...walk. i walk like festus on gunsmoke. it is okay and healing, but i am in god awful  i'm glad the last wednesday when the doctor tried to push pain pills on me, that i accepted them. of course, this means no driving. so i am at bobo's mercy.

i went to a friend's holiday ornament swap party. all the old ladies make their christmas finery, i just plop out a defrosted bag of shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce. easy recipe: 2 cps. ketchup, 1 T.horseradish, 1 T. garlic and a squirt of lemon.. adjust to taste. merry christmas, don't say i never gave you anything.

i got a groovy little ornament that was a baby in angel wings. i gave it to this woman who brought her sweet, little baby boy. he still had the new baby smell, the boy odor hadn't taken over yet. he was so sweet he made my ovaries do a little weak jig.

since i will be having surgery and really need to lose as much weight as possible in the next couple of months, i am going to try the original weight watchers diet. i have a 1973 book that encourges you to photo-xopy it for a friend.bad for you, weight watcher. good for me, good for me.

i also bought a tracy anderson dvd and book from amazon. it's not the set for $100 bucks or whatever it is on tv. it's called the 30-day method. i'll put my affiliate link over there in case you want to look at it. if you buy, i do make a teeny tinsy commmision.

i will be posting more, i promise. it has just been very painful and hard to concentrate on anything while i'm in pain. the pain is moderate now.

i will live. i guess.

sweet feets

i haven't been slacking, i have been in the hospital.

i was sick with what i thought was the flu the week before christmas but it was actually a diabetic complication. i was sick all over, my foot was infected and i was talking out of my head. when i went to the hospital christmas day, my blood sugar was 588. coma level.

i ended up losing a toe.

since then i have been taking antibiotics and vitamins, getting hopped up on good narcotics and eating some of the gross food. i could have gone home and have a nurse come out everyday to give me my medication, but it would cost $78 a day. as long as i stay in the hospital, it's free.

so i am here until feb. 10 or so.

i will try to post more but i'm really  tired today, and i have a skin graft tomorrow.

but i am still here.

the food is gross. in a cruel twist of fate, i can see the best hot wing joint from my window.