Saturday, September 6, 2014

Celebrity Skin

People tell me I have soft skin.

I have a secret.

I don't use soap.

To clarify, I don't use bar soap. I haven't since like 1986, when shower gel started selling at a decent price. Of course, my favorite gel is $16.00 a tube and I've only gotten it once on my birthday. I like philosophy too, but don't feel too bad buying it once in a blue moon because it comes in huge bottles.

I am going to learn to make my own soap soon. I am collecting the supplies at yard sales and plan to buy the lye and scents when I have the "hardware" I need.

This is my bitching nest...Not your bitching nest!

1) I am not crazy, but I am surrounded by it.

2) If you leave me a comment inferring I am crazy, you will be deleted. I have no time for Internet armchair psychologists.

3) If you can't control yourself, get your own blog and write what you want. Take note of the voices in your head.

4) You don't get the full story by what I post here. I will post what I want, not what you need to know.