Thursday, February 16, 2012

i should work for the government...

i took all my returns downtown to an official place - 35 freaking miles away- to have my tax forms recorded and processed. i waited  over an hour and a half while they were processed. i paid for parking. then i drove home another 35 miles.

only to find out last week that one year wasn't processed and not every page was copied in one. and they screwed up processing one. i call them and get someone that has been working there 2 days.

i can't get my mortgage until this is finished. i doubt they can fix this in 18 days. i want a house!

the house i have my eye on that needs a ton of work is still available. there is another one i like but it is only a 2 bedroom. but the neighborhood is better and it does have a large mudroom and a laundry room. you could turn either of those rooms into a guest space with a futon. the washer and dryer could be put behind louvered doors, kind of like i had in my old mini mcmansion years ago.

the kids got new furniture and gave me the old stuff. i got it when i worked and used the great employee discount. i have it in the garage right now, until i move. i will use it then. i have been getting rid of stuff and organizing it by putting it in boxes if i want to sell/d it or move it. the crap i don't think will sell but is still useable, i am putting on the lid of the garbage can and putting it out a day early. it's always gone by garbage pick-up day. i even put a "FREE-WORKS" sign on it and i make sure i put all the pieces together in a bag along with any manuals or whatever.

and the crap, of course, i am throwing away. i try to work on 1 box every day or so. i send as much stuff as possible over to my son's, just to piss his wife off. my granddaughter will take tons of shit home, if you let her. she also does household chores, like cleaning  my baseboards, for 45 cents!

they are in orlando right now. they went on a cruise to the bahamas. my son is going to start driving a school bus. there isn't a lot of money in it, but it will eliminate the need for private school (the kids can atend the same district their parent works for and he's driving in a nice district with great schools!) and afterschool care ($60 a week each). he also won't be working 10-12 hours a day and he won't have to dress up everyday. it comes out to about $1500 a week in school fees. worth it, especially since he will be working shorter hours.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

i haven' forogtten my place...

i have just been on my deathbed. i had a virus, followed by an almost complete bowel obstruxxtion ( fixed it before i had to have surgery!), another virus AND my period! this follows on the heels of a bad respitratory virus. so, yeah, i have felt dead!

we are looking at a house in the town we came from. it has 2 stories, but it works. it has a complete 3br 2 ba house, then a walk-out basement with a den, bathroom and two bedrooms i will never have to go up downstairs. it was supposed to be auctioned but the auction was cancelled. i hope they do a sealed bid. i will pay $500 for it. maybe i will be the highest bid! it's happened, i've read about it, but i hope it happens to me.

i haven't been to church in forever. when it's cold and hard to move, i tend to stay home. i did join the y last week, but i have yet to go. i may cancel it if we don't seem to be going, but somehow i got the first 15 days for under $5. it's $39 a month, but i really miss the flexibility i had when we used to belong a few years ago. since i did it during january, i saved the $75 joining fee. i can quit without guilt.

i have been cleaning up my house and packing up stuff i know i don't have to use anytime soon.

one day...