Sunday, February 5, 2012

i haven' forogtten my place...

i have just been on my deathbed. i had a virus, followed by an almost complete bowel obstruxxtion ( fixed it before i had to have surgery!), another virus AND my period! this follows on the heels of a bad respitratory virus. so, yeah, i have felt dead!

we are looking at a house in the town we came from. it has 2 stories, but it works. it has a complete 3br 2 ba house, then a walk-out basement with a den, bathroom and two bedrooms i will never have to go up downstairs. it was supposed to be auctioned but the auction was cancelled. i hope they do a sealed bid. i will pay $500 for it. maybe i will be the highest bid! it's happened, i've read about it, but i hope it happens to me.

i haven't been to church in forever. when it's cold and hard to move, i tend to stay home. i did join the y last week, but i have yet to go. i may cancel it if we don't seem to be going, but somehow i got the first 15 days for under $5. it's $39 a month, but i really miss the flexibility i had when we used to belong a few years ago. since i did it during january, i saved the $75 joining fee. i can quit without guilt.

i have been cleaning up my house and packing up stuff i know i don't have to use anytime soon.

one day...

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