Friday, February 13, 2015


There are no Earth-shattering plans in my future. I guess we will cook steak and baked potatoes and I will also have a salad. I got Bobo a Carpenter's album. He knows it's a CD- he got the mail that day, but he doesn't know who it is by. He mentioned not having all his old '70s songs right after Christmas and I remembered.

My son and his nut ass wife are going to a charity ball tomorrow night. She got her hair cut and colored and bought a nice dress and pair of shoes. I would be happy for them, but I know they are behind on their house note and a bunch of bills. You would think they might save the money- not just for her expenses, but also the $100 ticket price- and put the money toward their household expenses, but she buys crap she can't return and expects him to be okay with it. I also saw on Facebook where she bought some $50 Miss Me jean, but there is no way she will ever fit into them, not as big as her butt is! Ok, that wasn't nice, but neither is she!

Sunday is my granddaughter's 12th birthday. I got her a bunch of small gifts, like a Taylor Swift CD,a chevron scarf, the Wreck It Everywhere journal, a few new nail polishes she doesn't have and some jewelry tattoos. I have been listening to he and the things she wants and I bought them for her because she wanted.

Oh well, happy Valentine's day to me!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wacky Weather

The weather is making me sick. It's freezing with a threat of snow 1 day, then 60 degrees 3 years later. Bobo got some kind of crud and is near dead in the bed. I have been semi-lucky, I have been sick, but not bad sick. I had mostly sinus problems which is not fun but it could be worse.

Today was a pretty day. I went out by myself, just to get a lottery ticket and a peach tea slush at Sonic. It was warm but had a little chilly bite to it. I couldn't get the car temperature right. I ended up with the heater on medium and the driver's side window down. Seems counter productive but it worked for me somehow.

I am redecorating my room. I am also organizing my room and getting rid of clutter. Right now it looks like a hurricane hit it but I guess that's part of the process. I feel like I am going to end up on an episode of Hoarders before the job is done.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


I mentioned a while back that I had taken a baby-sitting job.

That was a bust.

She would schedule me and then cancel. One day I even got to her house and she wasn't there. She had me meet her at the drugstore because her child had barfed all over herself and she needed to go in and get some Pedialyte and couldn't pick her up because of the barf. I sat in the car with the kid while she went in the store.

I didn't mind. She was a sweet kid. i enjoyed playing with her.

But I'm almost 50. I don't need to play with a 2 year old, especially when the mom never had my money.

Then she stopped calling me.

She owes me $55.

She's come up with every excuse as to why she can't pay me:

  • behind on house note
  • behind on car note
  • need to buy Christmas for her kids (I saw her asking to buy used toys for her little girl on Face Book)
  • husband got 3 speeding tickets
  • too busy getting ready for Christmas
  • too busy recovering from Christmas
  • had a migraine
  • had to tithe at church
  • had to help a family that got robbed ( while she is robbing me)
  • her FIL is on the edge of dying
  • her little girl had rotted teeth and suddenly needs them taken out
I do know from FB that she took her daughter to the hospital with a UTI, the same hospital where my DIL works. Apparently, the condition of the little girl's teeth concerned people at the hospital. My DIL asked me several questions about the mom and girl out of the blue. Then she told me that the mother was reported to DHS for neglect over the rotten teeth. I know this violates every patient privacy law, but she wanted me to be prepared in case DHS came out to the house while I was there. I hadn't told her I wasn't still baby-sitting, but I told her then. So I guess the mom is being forced to do something about the teeth finally.

But I'm still out $55. Small price to pay for me to learn not to trust strangers, even strangers that let you in their house and trust you with their child.

I pity her children.


There is blog I used to read. She was a happy woman, my age, with a fulfilling career, good social circle, Everything seemed rosy.

I even met her. She was as nice in person as she was on her blog. We met for coffee when she was traveling with her boyfriend.

Then she got married and started a new blog. Then she abandoned it.

Today I was cleaning up old bookmarks and clicked on her blog, just once more, before deleting it.

And there was her blog. She had lost 100 lbs., headed off diabetes and gone back to college to further her education.

But she looks 70 years old. Wrinkles out the wazoo. Brittle looking, Not looking like she has much longer on the planet.

I know you can't judge by looks, but she looks like she's been under a ton of stress. Her writing is different. She is very hard and judgemental. She not the same person she was before.

So I hit delete.

I am sad.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Bad Thoughts

I am wrestling with inner turmoil.

I am going to quit my diet group.

I haven't lost any weight in a while.

I am the biggest one in there.

I am less than enthused about the behavior of the leader.

It has become something I have started to dread attending.

When something becomes an unnecessary burden, it's time to let it go.

Cue that damned song from Frozen.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Swatches of Color and Cooties

My granddaughter has gotten into watching Youtube beauty videos. I have tried to watch them but they all seem to do something that makes me feel sick.

They "swatch" colors, which means they rub lipsticks on their arm or stick their fingers in the product, then smear it on some other body part, all in the name of showing the trueness of the color. They are smearing germs all over creation. I could understand using a Q-tip or cottonball, but not their nasty fingers. Plus they may wash their hands but do they wash their forearms before rubbing a $40 lipstick on it? NO!

It grosses me out. I wouldn't want to "swatch" something and then put it on my face, especially eye make-up.

I just wanted to spill this out. It bugs the doo out of me.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

I have been MIA. I had surgery on my foot and life has been nothing but lying around. I have discovered Youtube and found a few people whose videos I LOVE! But all that lazing about is going to change, I promise! Here are my goals for the new year:

  • Update my blog at least once a week, by Friday night. You guys are going to get sick(er) of me and my family.
  • I refuse to let Chickie get under my skin. I won't be volunteering or offering to do things for her.. I won't be loaning her items I expect to see again. I won't walk on eggshells around her. If she can dish it out, she can take it. She's a grown woman with children for God's sake and I'm not the one who married her. I won't put up with her cut downs. I won't start anything evil with her but I will be calling her out when he gives me a big ball of crap. She does this mess because she's insecure and it's her problem, not mine.
  • I will wear some kind of make-up every day. I haven't worn cosmetics in 10- yes, TEN- years and I am going to start wearing it again. I won't jump right into wearing an inch of make-up with every color of the rainbow slapped on my mug, but I am going to wear mascara, eyeliner, lip liner and lip color, at least, every day. I ordered some Kat Von D felt tip eyeliner from a seller on ebay. I never mastered this when I was learning to put on make-up when I was 15, and since I'll be 50 in March, it's about time, don't you think.
  • Get better control of my money. Actually write my budget down, instead of rolling numbers through my head because I am afraid of the results. I got a slight bump in pay- an SSI mistake was caught- so I will have enough to pay my bills.
  • I'm doing something I did a few years ago. I'm stopping buying drinks when I go out to eat and each time I do this, I will stick $2 in my bank toward Christmas shopping. No more Sonic Happy Hour drinks- well, maybe on my birthday!
  • Keep the house tidier. Do the laundry in a reasonable time frame. I'm thinking it should be done by Saturday morning each week. I need to buy more hangers and get Bobo to move the dresser from the garage into my bedroom. But I will have my clothing put away, like any normal person.
  • I'm not going to go to church out of guilt.I think God would appreciate it more if I go because I have a glad heart, not a guilty heart.
  • I'm not loaning money. To anyone. For any reason. Don't even ask.
  • Facebook usage is going to be VERY limited. How many cat pictures and cream of crap casserole recipes do I really need to view on a daily basis?
These are my resolutions, goals, rules, laws, whatever you call the things you vow to improve upon.

I just realized this is the first year I haven't included DIET, EXERCISE, LOSE WEIGHT, EAT MORE HEALTHY.  I hope this is a big step toward body/size acceptance. I already eat fairly healthy and I have been losing weight slowly, which is the best way it seems. If I want to eat junk, I can limit the portion, which I have already been doing.

Bobo is expecting to get his SSDI and all the back pay for 5 years. He is buying me a car and taking mine. I am looking at a used Fiat 500, which gets about a million miles a gallon. I am more comfortable in a smaller car and a Fiat 500 seems like it will serve my purposes well. Plus cupholders.

So there you have it, my do-able plan for this year!

What have you decided to change or improve this year?