Saturday, January 3, 2015

Swatches of Color and Cooties

My granddaughter has gotten into watching Youtube beauty videos. I have tried to watch them but they all seem to do something that makes me feel sick.

They "swatch" colors, which means they rub lipsticks on their arm or stick their fingers in the product, then smear it on some other body part, all in the name of showing the trueness of the color. They are smearing germs all over creation. I could understand using a Q-tip or cottonball, but not their nasty fingers. Plus they may wash their hands but do they wash their forearms before rubbing a $40 lipstick on it? NO!

It grosses me out. I wouldn't want to "swatch" something and then put it on my face, especially eye make-up.

I just wanted to spill this out. It bugs the doo out of me.

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