Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

I have been MIA. I had surgery on my foot and life has been nothing but lying around. I have discovered Youtube and found a few people whose videos I LOVE! But all that lazing about is going to change, I promise! Here are my goals for the new year:

  • Update my blog at least once a week, by Friday night. You guys are going to get sick(er) of me and my family.
  • I refuse to let Chickie get under my skin. I won't be volunteering or offering to do things for her.. I won't be loaning her items I expect to see again. I won't walk on eggshells around her. If she can dish it out, she can take it. She's a grown woman with children for God's sake and I'm not the one who married her. I won't put up with her cut downs. I won't start anything evil with her but I will be calling her out when he gives me a big ball of crap. She does this mess because she's insecure and it's her problem, not mine.
  • I will wear some kind of make-up every day. I haven't worn cosmetics in 10- yes, TEN- years and I am going to start wearing it again. I won't jump right into wearing an inch of make-up with every color of the rainbow slapped on my mug, but I am going to wear mascara, eyeliner, lip liner and lip color, at least, every day. I ordered some Kat Von D felt tip eyeliner from a seller on ebay. I never mastered this when I was learning to put on make-up when I was 15, and since I'll be 50 in March, it's about time, don't you think.
  • Get better control of my money. Actually write my budget down, instead of rolling numbers through my head because I am afraid of the results. I got a slight bump in pay- an SSI mistake was caught- so I will have enough to pay my bills.
  • I'm doing something I did a few years ago. I'm stopping buying drinks when I go out to eat and each time I do this, I will stick $2 in my bank toward Christmas shopping. No more Sonic Happy Hour drinks- well, maybe on my birthday!
  • Keep the house tidier. Do the laundry in a reasonable time frame. I'm thinking it should be done by Saturday morning each week. I need to buy more hangers and get Bobo to move the dresser from the garage into my bedroom. But I will have my clothing put away, like any normal person.
  • I'm not going to go to church out of guilt.I think God would appreciate it more if I go because I have a glad heart, not a guilty heart.
  • I'm not loaning money. To anyone. For any reason. Don't even ask.
  • Facebook usage is going to be VERY limited. How many cat pictures and cream of crap casserole recipes do I really need to view on a daily basis?
These are my resolutions, goals, rules, laws, whatever you call the things you vow to improve upon.

I just realized this is the first year I haven't included DIET, EXERCISE, LOSE WEIGHT, EAT MORE HEALTHY.  I hope this is a big step toward body/size acceptance. I already eat fairly healthy and I have been losing weight slowly, which is the best way it seems. If I want to eat junk, I can limit the portion, which I have already been doing.

Bobo is expecting to get his SSDI and all the back pay for 5 years. He is buying me a car and taking mine. I am looking at a used Fiat 500, which gets about a million miles a gallon. I am more comfortable in a smaller car and a Fiat 500 seems like it will serve my purposes well. Plus cupholders.

So there you have it, my do-able plan for this year!

What have you decided to change or improve this year?

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