Tuesday, October 30, 2012

now i am broken...

but not in the monetary way. i have had a bad summer cold or allergies or something.

i got a new computer, but between snotting, watering eyes, coughing, sneezing and general cruddiness, i haven't even been interested in that- other than youtubing episodes of family and the james at 15 movie. tv in the '70s rocked!

i have been busy doing crap around the house. i still have 7 bags of clothing to sort- bags that contain my long sleeve shirts and sweaters among crap i should donate.

i got my medicare card. now i am waiting on my backpay! whooo! i'll be rich...for a minute. i plan on paying off my car. then i am getting a big steak dinner and a black leather coach shoulder bag. i think every good windfall should be commemurated with a nice handbag. i am also getting some type of lapdesk or maybe one of those hospital tables that goes over your bed, since i forsee a lot of surgeries in my future and i don't want to be stuck with no internet.

i think i might get a kindle too. you can get a lot of free books and it will be a useful thing to have. at least that's what i'm telling myself. i think i need the paperwhite edition, since i'm half-blind anyway.

please forgive my previous typos- i just discovered blogger has spell check!

i got a goodie box in the mail from a very nice woman. i also bought a big bag of christmas ornaments at a garage sale. i smell a christmas wreath being born. but i have to get a grapevine wreath and a new glue gun. the glue gun was a victim of the move. it disappeared. but i did find my short sleeved black sweater- just in time for the cold weather.

my piles of crap in the garage is dwindling. most of what is left is seasonal or stuff i didn't need my husband brought anyway. some of it has to find another home. but it will all be gone soon.

christmas shopping will mainly be gift cards this year. the kids are getting nintendo ds game systems, so they will need games and with a target card, they can get the ones they want. i am getting them those plastic puzzle boxes they have to solve before they can get the gift cards out.

if i get the spirit, i might actually shop for little stuff.

Monday, October 8, 2012

chilling and illing

i had some type of virus/flu/bootiecootie today. i couldn't eat anything. so what did i do after sleeping all day?

i'm watching diners, drive-ins and dives!  and it's killing me! i eat to make steak chili that takes 8 hours to make and served on black angus burgers and hand-stuffed frankfurters in a restaurant that's been in business since the civil war. i want garlic pork that's been smoked over a low heat since my momma was born.

but instead i am eating crushed ice and sipping pink lemonade, while starving to death.

why do i punish myself like this? i have no idea.

one day i am going to make some really good meat-only chili full of steak. i will probably eat every bite myself and lick the pot clean.

but not today.

i just sit here eating crushed ice and drooling, while fighting back the nausea.

but tomorrow is another story.

my friend is supposed to come down to see me and bobo this week-end. we plan on doing endless shrimp at   red lobster. i plan on wearing our server out. but i set up ground rules: if we need drink or biscuit refills, we will put the glasses and basket at the edge of the table. anytime you get refills for someone else, drop by our table. and i do tip well.

that's one thing that pisses me off about some of the traveling food shows. they don't tip.i guess they don't expect to ever have to eat in that city again.

but it makes me wonder just how much server saliva some "foodnetwork stars" have ingested. or at least, how make times their food had been poked.

i found out my disability had been approved. i have a wad of money coming. i am practicing my on-line shopping skills. i went to the target website and put almost $1K of damask bed linens and dishes in the basket before i clicked the little red arrow that sends my order into oblivion.

i actually have a plan. my car gets paid off, i get some target gift cards for christmas (the grandkids are getting wiis and i will let them pick out what games they want), the tiny mortgage i pay in addition to my house note gets paid off and the rest of the money goes into my saving account to pay for my part of the three surgeries i need. big whoop! but i do get medicare do i won't have to buy medical supplies off of ebay anymore.

it was never in my plan to me to ever get excited about medical supplies.

i was supposed to be a famous writer but actually spend most of my time on the tonight show and letterman, while fighting off the paprazzi from tmz during on a date with james woods, with whom i am engaged and who gave me a 1,000 carat diamond ring.

yea, old ass james woods.

there is something so appealing about a smart old man.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

good news!

i didn't go to my old lady class, it is now the third thursday of the month. i didn't register and put my email address last night, so i didn't get a notification. the next class is how to set tile, so i will be there for sure!

i found out my social security got approved. i haven't got the letters yet, but the local office told me when i went there for something else.i won't get any money because it will all go back to the disability insurance company. i do get medicare, so i can have my hernia fixed and both knees fixed. yeah, surgery!

the only good things about the hospital are:

  • no household chores
  • crushed ice on demand
  • GOOD drugs on demand= NO PAIN!
  • my own TV that only i control
  • someone else cooks all my meals
  • most hospitals now have FAST wi-fi and my new computer should be here by then
i have a bed jacket to wear because i am sure that i will get lots of visitors since i belong to a church now. i've got to cover up the ta-tas! hopefully they will send a plant and not actually come out.

i'm not looking forward to surgery, but it will cut out the pain and discomfort i have lugging my basketball-sized hernia around.any any more! i will look normal again!

there was a woman there at the local office. she was there from the time i got there until i was ready to walk out the door. i listened to her story. she had 2 children. she was there trying to get her check because the bank returned it in error instead of putting it in her account. she said she had exhausted all the area food banks and there was no food to feed her children. they went to school knowing there would be no supper. i gave her a $20 i had ear-marked for halloween candy. i wrote on the bill, "you need this more than me. please feed your kids. help someone else when you can. please know you are not alone. god loves you and i am praying for you. everything will be okay." i hope it helps her out a little bit.

i hope someone would do it for me if i needed it.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

old lady day

i went to my weight-loss group last night, but i went late so i didn't weigh. i got a chance to eat dinner with root, chicky, itchy and scratchy. we had mexican at a place i had never eaten and it was good! i'm glad i didn't have to weigh though!

tonight is the night i take my old lady class, as root calls it. home depot right by my house offers a "ladies  night" on the first tuesday of every month.. they have snacks, little workshops that show you how to do stuff around the house , a drawing at the end of each class and you get a goodie bag filled with tools that may or may not correlate to what you learned in the classes. i went last month by accident- we went to get a ceiling fan for one of the bedrooms and it happened to be the first tuesday of september.i learned:

  • how to patch a wall
  • how to fix a leaky faucet and toilet
  • how to unclog a drain
  • how to install a lockset
  • how to winterize windows and doors
i figure if i go often enough, i will be able to build my next house! just kidding, i won't ever move. i will die in this house. not in a bad way, but it's the right size and the note is affordable, provided expensive shit stops breaking.

i just realized i have been cussing quite a bit. i don't mean to do so, i know a lady is not supposed to do it. but i have been mad inside. my husband needs a job. i mean, really needs a job. the one he is supposed to be doing turned out to be a part-time job. he has yet to get a check, even though he worked for the first time over a month ago.

he refused to go apply for a job a mile from the house because he thought this one would work out. when will he learn that i know EVERYTHING and he's better off doing what i say than having to listen to me throw it in his face for the next 30 years?

i have a hard place in my heart and he is only adding calcified layers to it instead of softening it.