Tuesday, October 30, 2012

now i am broken...

but not in the monetary way. i have had a bad summer cold or allergies or something.

i got a new computer, but between snotting, watering eyes, coughing, sneezing and general cruddiness, i haven't even been interested in that- other than youtubing episodes of family and the james at 15 movie. tv in the '70s rocked!

i have been busy doing crap around the house. i still have 7 bags of clothing to sort- bags that contain my long sleeve shirts and sweaters among crap i should donate.

i got my medicare card. now i am waiting on my backpay! whooo! i'll be rich...for a minute. i plan on paying off my car. then i am getting a big steak dinner and a black leather coach shoulder bag. i think every good windfall should be commemurated with a nice handbag. i am also getting some type of lapdesk or maybe one of those hospital tables that goes over your bed, since i forsee a lot of surgeries in my future and i don't want to be stuck with no internet.

i think i might get a kindle too. you can get a lot of free books and it will be a useful thing to have. at least that's what i'm telling myself. i think i need the paperwhite edition, since i'm half-blind anyway.

please forgive my previous typos- i just discovered blogger has spell check!

i got a goodie box in the mail from a very nice woman. i also bought a big bag of christmas ornaments at a garage sale. i smell a christmas wreath being born. but i have to get a grapevine wreath and a new glue gun. the glue gun was a victim of the move. it disappeared. but i did find my short sleeved black sweater- just in time for the cold weather.

my piles of crap in the garage is dwindling. most of what is left is seasonal or stuff i didn't need my husband brought anyway. some of it has to find another home. but it will all be gone soon.

christmas shopping will mainly be gift cards this year. the kids are getting nintendo ds game systems, so they will need games and with a target card, they can get the ones they want. i am getting them those plastic puzzle boxes they have to solve before they can get the gift cards out.

if i get the spirit, i might actually shop for little stuff.

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