Tuesday, October 2, 2012

old lady day

i went to my weight-loss group last night, but i went late so i didn't weigh. i got a chance to eat dinner with root, chicky, itchy and scratchy. we had mexican at a place i had never eaten and it was good! i'm glad i didn't have to weigh though!

tonight is the night i take my old lady class, as root calls it. home depot right by my house offers a "ladies  night" on the first tuesday of every month.. they have snacks, little workshops that show you how to do stuff around the house , a drawing at the end of each class and you get a goodie bag filled with tools that may or may not correlate to what you learned in the classes. i went last month by accident- we went to get a ceiling fan for one of the bedrooms and it happened to be the first tuesday of september.i learned:

  • how to patch a wall
  • how to fix a leaky faucet and toilet
  • how to unclog a drain
  • how to install a lockset
  • how to winterize windows and doors
i figure if i go often enough, i will be able to build my next house! just kidding, i won't ever move. i will die in this house. not in a bad way, but it's the right size and the note is affordable, provided expensive shit stops breaking.

i just realized i have been cussing quite a bit. i don't mean to do so, i know a lady is not supposed to do it. but i have been mad inside. my husband needs a job. i mean, really needs a job. the one he is supposed to be doing turned out to be a part-time job. he has yet to get a check, even though he worked for the first time over a month ago.

he refused to go apply for a job a mile from the house because he thought this one would work out. when will he learn that i know EVERYTHING and he's better off doing what i say than having to listen to me throw it in his face for the next 30 years?

i have a hard place in my heart and he is only adding calcified layers to it instead of softening it.

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