Sunday, September 30, 2012

nothing is broken except my heart!

nothing broke this week, but i am so mad i could spit.

bobo better get a ob or i might beat him to death with the tiny little hammer that come with the "don't break the ice" game.

at kroger, once you have 100 point (which is $100 worth of groceries purchased) you get .10 off each gallon of gas you buy in one transaction.

we had 59 points this month and we were going to the store and buy only enough to get by for a few days which would get us enough points for a cheap fill-up. we only need $41 pre-tax worth of groceries.

bobo kept buying food and wouldn't stop. we ended up spending $131. $90 more. and the points don"t carry over.

i was extremely pissed.

but i bit the bullet and decided to go ahead and buy some pantry stuff to get enough points.

i wasn't nice to him on the return trip.i'm sure it was evident in the sharpness of my voice, based on the evil looks i got from fellow shoppers.

but fuck them. fuck them all.

i am not taking bobo to the store anymore. he will eat whatever i bring home. he tried to explain the logic of buying food when you are hungry, so you buy more food. he is an idiot. i tried to explain to him that you buy when you AREN'T hungry, so you can make better decisions. he continued to tell me that if you aren't hungry, you won't buy enough food.

so he isn't allowed to go to the grocery store anymore.

because he is an idiot.

and i am an idiot for not getting rid of him years ago.

he has been working with root but not a lot.

there is a place near our home thathad a "help wanted- apply within" sign up friday. i told him about it friday when he got home. it wasn't there saturday because the place is closed. it makes sense they would take the sign in if they want prospective employees to apply inside and they are closed.

he think they took it in because they hired somebody.

he is an idiot.

and i am an even bigger idiot for still putting up with his crap.

lord help me. i am going to end up on the news for beating him to death with the help wanted ads.

i tried to distract myself at the store while i was seething with anger. i checked out the contents of one guy's basket and tried to guess what is going on in his life:

  • two 12 packs of diet coke with lime
  • a stack of lean cuisine dinners
  • pet food
  • toilet paper
  • a gigantic chocolate cake
based on his food choices, i came up with the following possible scenarios (these are just my opinions):
  • his wife is on a diet and he plans to eat the entire cake in parking lot and wipe his face with toilet paper. 
  • he eats dog food, which gives him diarrhea. the dog is on a diet. the cake is for someone else.
  • he is going to feed the pet food to his dog, then kill the dog with the chocolate cake. then he will go on a diet. the toilet paper will be used to mummify the body of the dog.
  • he is on a diet, the dog will eat the pet food. after he weighs in for the week, he will eat the entire chocolate cake, which will give him diarrhea.
you see where this is going?

i was doing it to keep me from getting madder.

i did buy myself some sushi to eat for dinner, on the second trip to the grocery. i figure it is my reward for putting up with bobo and not running him over with the handicap cart.

i have solved the problem. i just bring him what i want him to eat. he can unpack the car and bring the groceries in and unpack.

i plan on never shopping at kroger again. orget the .10 offf a gallon of gas, i will be shopping at wal-mart. while they don't sell bobo's fresh fish or my sushi, i don't want to kill my husband when i shop there, just the other customers and the employees.

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