Monday, September 3, 2012

the juice is loose

i got a new car. well, a newer car. it's a 2010 chevrolet impala with less than 50,000 miles on it.i got a shitty interest rate because of my credit back from years ago, but i can affiord it. it is just taking up the slack i was looking forward to in my budget. so basically, i went from a higher house note to a lower house note with a car note and it all comes out almost even. i was looking forward to having that extra cash but a car is more important. a friend of mine told me to think of it as having a coupon for "buy a house, get a car for free." at least it's not a 72 month note, just a 66 month note. bobo can help pay for it with the job he is getting and we can pay it off early.

we got some really bad weather last night from hurricane issac, rain so thick you couldn't see anything, lightning, thunder. we lost power, flipping the breakers didn't help, so we called the utility company. they said they had limited crews, as most of the men were in louisiana prepared to work on the power lossage there and they had no idea when it would be back on. so we went to bed. but we noticed the a/c was still running, as well as the refrigerator and we had nightlights on in both bathrooms. we just figured it was wired differently that anywhere else we have lived. i got a call from the power company this morning saying the power was back on, but it wasn't. we still add the same situation as last night. i had them schedule someone to come out and look at it, even though there was a $75 fee if the problem was on our end.

then i called the electricians responsible for the house warranty. i got the emergency number off of their recording and called it. he said i called the wrong number but he did work for the company.weird,  i explained the problem and he said he would give the on-call guy a ring and have him call me. meanwhile, bobo was out in the garage fiddling with the breaker box. two if the breakers wouldn't flip. then suddenly the power came back on. i guess they were just sticky. the electrician called to tell him  he had contacted the guy on duty and he would be calling me. i told him never mind, but he said when the guy called me, to explain about the difficult breakers and they would fix them so they would flip easier.

then i called the utility company and cancelled their guy.

i've saved $75 this morning and it's not even noon!

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