Tuesday, August 30, 2011

how many seasons do we have again?

i am wondering how the weather will play out. we've had lots of weirdo weather- an earthquake in nyc, hurricane irene torturing the eastern seaboard, the mississippi river flooding for the first time in 100 years. bad.

the school of thought is that the hotter the summer is, the colder the winter will be. oh crap! we have had a lot of very hot days, days where bobo and i just laid around in next-to-our-undies and let the ceiling fan cool us off. we had a plant atomizer of water we used to mist ourselves, to get that good breeze going.

at one point in the summer, we had a problem with the a/c, and i had to deal with the asshole a/c guy- he's the one who showed up drunk and claimed to be his own twin brother. yeah, the one who showed up late over an hour and didn't call or apologize. yeah, the one who showed up almost an hour early and spent the time sitting in my driveway on his cell phone. this time he showed up and claimed it was a part not covered by the warranty. uuuummm, the entire a/c unit is still under warranty! but this would cost me $800 and $200 labor. he said it would take 10 days to get the part. no! he ended up cursing me and slamming the door so hard my perfume bottles a room away rattled.

i ended up getting the company to send someone out how could handle a warranty call. it only cost me $125 and it wasn't even the same part that was broken, it was only a $200 part that was covered under the warranty.

might i mention this flaky guy has a jesus fish on his business card? way to go!

anyway, back off the soapbox!

i hope we have a good autumn, more than just a few days here and there where we're not boiling or freezing. when you can wear a hoodie and not be cold or hot. 65 degrees, i guess.

i'm afraid we'll end up losing spring and autumn, and having only 2 seasons, hot and not hot. i should check with the utility company and see if i will have natural gas. otherwise, i need to start saving for propane!

i miss the fall days, walking home from school or going for a walk on the week-ends. jeans and hiking shoes. sweatshirts. thermals. plaid flannel shirts. ok, i miss the autumn fashions i guess! the crisp air and the smell of leaves burning remind me of when my friends would have bonfires at the empty lot, and toast marshmallows and hotdogs while they passed bottles and cans of stolen beer around.

but now i'm older and i miss those days. i miss the seasons, i guess. the seasons will become a myth, an urban legend.

but aren't we supposed to cease to exist on december 21, 2012? oh, well, never mind then. won't be my problem.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


like most of you, i am on facebook. i have a unique "name" that is well-known to people who know me but would meaning nothing to strangers. i have friends and family on there. i can sometimes be a bit bawdy, but i never crossed any major lines and i respected the people on there.

but suddenly, my preacher friended me!

and i accepted!

so i really have to watch what i say now. no one who knows me reads my blog except for one person and she better call me! you know who you are! i kind of liked the anonymity of the web. now my preacher even knows me! no more dirty jokes or snarking replies to stuff.

i gotta be good.

so i may begin using the facebook account linked on the sidebar. if i do, will you be my friend?

Thursday, August 25, 2011


my husband is cooking chicken legs in the oven and i have a bag of salad mix. i've got popsicles and yogurt to eat if i want dessert or a snack later.

this diet sucks, but if it keeps me pain-free, i'll eat it!

i saw "the help" last week-end and i liked it. i think i might like the book better. i kept meaning to read it but never got around to doing it. the movie has a lot of characters and it was hard to keep them straight. i am easier able to follow along if i read the names.

dirty little secret

today i was told someone's dirty little secret.

it wasn't THEIR dirty secret, it was the dirty secret of their pedophile rapist. i explained that to them.

their rapist is someone i know.

someone i never liked anyway.

i feel rage, that someone could do something like that to a little child, even though the rapist was the same age. i want to hurt him.

i want to call up his rich mother and tell her what a little pervert she raised.

add this to my stress already and i am very "on the edge" tonight. i can't concentrate on doing any paperwork. i am going to bust it starting tomorrow.

i promise.

time for a party...

...a pity party! if i come off as a bit whiny, please forgive me and check back later. i'm just going to vent. hope everyone is okay with that...

i have been in constant pain. it is in my pancreas. i played dr. google and discovered that diet can help, so i adopted the low-fat, no beef, and no booze pancreas diet.

i am also trying to avoid overly spicy foods. i may as well give my intestines a little rest.

it has helped. the pancreas pain has decreased but not disappeared.

to be honest, i'm terrified.

i took a diabetes drug that, it has been discovered, will shred your pancreas apart.

i have an appointment with the doctor next week. i explained everything and i'm getting a hefty discount, he may end up charging me nothing at all.

per drs. orders, i have contacted an attorney and i have proof i took the prescription, which was my biggest obstacle in filing an accutane lawsuit. i have that proof and my life insurance policy in a vinyl clear envelope in my nightstand.

i am scared something is really wrong.

patrick swayze died from pancreatic cancer. bobo's cousin died from pancreatic cancer- he was going to the doctor on wednesday and they buried him on a saturday. he never had any symptoms until 5 days before he died.

i am afraid to go to the doctor. i am trying to get things accomplished now, so i don't have to deal with them once i get my diagnosis and have to go through whatever the treatment is....or whatever the treatment isn't.

i am finishing up my evil job of recreating my financial landscape for one certain government agency. i am afraid i have missed a deadline and i spoke to them about it today. i'm screwed. she said they initiate a levy again at anytime. of course, i just have to call and get it extended again, if they reissue it. i am SO CLOSE to finishing the whole darn thing. i keep going back and adding things. right now, i am due a refund, which pisses me off, because they want me to make payment arrangements to keep them from collecting. just give me a few days! please, for the love of god, give me until monday!

end of pity party!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


has anyone heard about the famous/infamous mommy blogger who posted a picture of a couple of her children doing the naked dirty dancing thing? i'm not including the link because i find she is repugnant.

she also linked her blog from a craig's list ad for a garage sale, so she handed out her address to anyone who looked there.

when did it become okay to give out your address to anyone who has a computer?

i really have no words for this.

as a child, my sister and i were called over to a parked car. i stood on my bike and refused. she ran over before i could catch her.

he wanted directions. he had a map.

he had no pants on under his map.

and he asked her because you know what well developed senses of direction 5 year-olds have.

she backed away and he drove off.

i had a flasher once. in the spring of 9th grade. right after the ceremony that wasn't. i told the women in the office and they called the police. i was called out during first period. the rumor was i had brought a pound of pot and it had been found in my locker. they just talked to me. they had already found him. he was the mentally challenged brother of one of my friends. did i want to press charges? no, i couldn't do that to jack. his parents promised to get his brother further help.

in both cases, we were victimized, no matter how slightly.

but i don't think my mother ran nekid fotos or published and address out in the paper.

damn you, internet!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

3rd times a charm

okay, bear with me! last post, i promise.

i planted some tomatoes i have been growing on the windowsill. there was a pot outside and the tomato plat there wasn't going to give any more tomatoes. i planted it out back, in case i could get a tomato or two from it being shocked back into production by the move.

so i have 4 more chances to get tomatoes. they are indeterminate, which means they don't require additional propogation and they don't have an assigned season. provided the temperature is right, i should have tomatoes at halloween. i mean, it takes one person to discover something, right?

maybe i will discover, yes, you can have tomatoes on halloween!

winer winner chicken dinner!

i blogged awhile back about a giveaway zaza couture was giving away a few weeks ago.

i won!

the blogger kindly shipped it to my niece's house so i didn't have to remail it. my niece's daughter loves it!

she twirls around in in it until she gets baby-drunk. you remember that, right?

just thought i would let you know i am a winner!

i missed something

i just noticed something.

my beautiful cake in the header is crocheted.

yeah, that would taste might mighty ding-dang-licious.

so i will find a another cake i covet.

the bad part is, it was probably some type of toilet paper roll cover. like i want to look at a delicious cake in the bathroom. that just ain't right.

so say good-bye to the crocheted cake.

i am still embroiled with my many paperwork projects involving secret gubment work and a bank that shall not be named. i am in the escalation department, which is a good thing. this is the office that sends out settlement letters. i would have been bumped by now if i weren't going to get some type of offer. i have been looking at homes in the area i want to move. i found a gorgeous house with a pool within our range (leaving enough money to decorate) and as it happened, my dil asked me to a thirty-one party on the same street. the homes are beautiful.

the yards are freaking tiny.

and all the yards go either straight up or straight down. it looks like they just dug furrows and built huge houses on tiny lots. my neighborhoods in the sims game looks better than this. great.

in other issues requiring a red pen and some hello kitty duct tape, i am making progress. i just get so burned out doing this. i have notes in every folder and i keep adding things for each year as i remember them. i need to call tomorrow and have my deadline extended. 

one day.

i will be concluded with all this paperwork and out from under a sea of figures. and then maybe i'll be able to sleep again.

hopefully i will have some hair left.

i am getting a haircut next week. i think i will post a picture of it.

i wonder if i look like you think i look like?