Thursday, August 4, 2011

i missed something

i just noticed something.

my beautiful cake in the header is crocheted.

yeah, that would taste might mighty ding-dang-licious.

so i will find a another cake i covet.

the bad part is, it was probably some type of toilet paper roll cover. like i want to look at a delicious cake in the bathroom. that just ain't right.

so say good-bye to the crocheted cake.

i am still embroiled with my many paperwork projects involving secret gubment work and a bank that shall not be named. i am in the escalation department, which is a good thing. this is the office that sends out settlement letters. i would have been bumped by now if i weren't going to get some type of offer. i have been looking at homes in the area i want to move. i found a gorgeous house with a pool within our range (leaving enough money to decorate) and as it happened, my dil asked me to a thirty-one party on the same street. the homes are beautiful.

the yards are freaking tiny.

and all the yards go either straight up or straight down. it looks like they just dug furrows and built huge houses on tiny lots. my neighborhoods in the sims game looks better than this. great.

in other issues requiring a red pen and some hello kitty duct tape, i am making progress. i just get so burned out doing this. i have notes in every folder and i keep adding things for each year as i remember them. i need to call tomorrow and have my deadline extended. 

one day.

i will be concluded with all this paperwork and out from under a sea of figures. and then maybe i'll be able to sleep again.

hopefully i will have some hair left.

i am getting a haircut next week. i think i will post a picture of it.

i wonder if i look like you think i look like?

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