Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bette Midler - The Rose

here's another of your favorite songs...

Friday, May 27, 2011

the bad letter

i got a letter from an entity that shall remain nameless. it claimed i owed $40K dating from 2002! after my heart stated beatting again, i called the 800 number. after about 40 minutes, she came up with a refund amount of $8K in our favor and gave me explicit instructions as to how to fill out the forms. let's hope it pans out. i know i don't owe any money, as i have someone i trust go behind me and doublecheck my math- my achilles heel!

i am still trudging along with the house stuff and it gets real depressing. i have to file this, wait, get a response, send back my part, wait, get another letter telling me to initial here and mail it to the other end of the united states from where it came. gotta love the government!

i guess i am officially a CRAZY person cuz now i got papers about the house. you know how crazy people always have their papers. i got mine in a big binder with tabs and page protectors and stuff like that. i'm ready to take it to judge judy! yes, your honor, i have that documentation right here.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

haunt me

please come see me in my dreams. haunt me if you want to, it's okay. i ain't afraid of no ghost, not even you.

i hope wherever you are, even if its just in the memories of your friends, you are happy.

but i wish you would visit in a dream. i would give anything to see you again. if you could have waited a week, we would have seen each other. one. last. time.

know i love you. please come see me.

bring the lottery numbers, if its not too much trouble.

the end of an era

i just realized that the world as we know it changed today.

oprah won't be there to tell us how to behave and be nice and save money and read books and get bras that are the right size.

however will i live my life without oprah telling me each step to make?

i guess i will have to live the way my grandmother did, flying by the seat of my pants. she was a woman to be admired. she married and divorced a few times while she was young. but she turned it around and broke the cycle. she started a company in the late fifties, sold it for a generous profit in the early sixties and was dead broke by the seventies.

i always thought she was a bit glamourous, in an elizabeth taylor kind of way. caftans and cigarettes. brandy snifters and cigarettes. dick cavett show watching and cigarettes.

she died of lung cancer at the age of 73, about 5 years ago.

that's why i'm an avid non-smoker.

i'm sure oprah would approve, were she still in power.

how will take over for oprah?

should i even try?

the least i can do is tell people to read, regardless of what it is they want to read.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

more garden stuff

as soon as i figure it all out, i will post photos on here of the plants i am talking about. technology was always my favorite thing, but lately i have had no desire to learn new things. i have to watch out, that's how you become a shut in!

i have 1 tomato plant in the front floor bed, planted by my granddaughter. i bought 3 more plants today- a big    jet star to put in a pot, and roma and goliath for the topsy turvy. i know, they are probably little more than gimmick, but my friend had one last year that just had a buttload of tomatoes on it. since i already have them, i may as well use them.

i also have red onions to plant. i think i will plant them in the flower bed, in the front yard. not because i am a hillbilly, but my little patch of flowers could use more green! i also have the bottom of a clove of elephant garlic, which hopefully will yield a big head of pungent goodness! i got some at the amish community a while back and it's so good! i chopped up half a clove and put it in a bottle of red wine vinegar along with lots of ground peppercorns, and it made the best salad dressing ever! i don't even miss the olive oil.

i got paid sunday and i feel like i am broke, but i bought $60 worth of frozen meats from angelfood ministries that i will pick up saturday morning. we got a small box of different meats and 10 lbs. of chicken nuggets, which we are splitting and sharing with root's bunch in exchange for half of the 10 lb. bbq pork packet. yum, bbq nachos and bbq pizza!

Monday, May 16, 2011

i need a vacation!

i need a vacation. i need to get away. i may even drive to the amish settlement just because it is so peaceful. i need to recharge.

i am stressed not only because of my friend who died. i have a friend moving away.  i have the daughter-in-law from hell. my husband doesn't have a job and his unemployment is running out. he should be saving his money but he has developed an addiction to getting food from the convenience store. he's gaining weight. i'm losing weight, but it's hard to be around someone eating 5 meals a day, and not eat!

i have a garage full of stuff i have had forever, as well as some stuff i am selling for a friend. i hope i get $50 bajilliony dollars. everything must go. i don't want to have anything to take back home. i want some money.

to be honest, i still want a smart car. a white one please.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

strange days ahead

somebody broke blogger.

not me, i swear.

but it's okay, it's back again.

and i will try not to break it again.

i got a camera! for cheap! so you will soon see pictures from my real life, such as it is! does this mean i have to clean up the house?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

another monday of tuna fish

i am starting my diet again tomorrow.

very strict.

no fast-food, no sugar, no flour and no seconds. i have been leveled out for about 6 weeks, so i think that's long enough that a new diet will shake up my metabolism. i'm going to do the original weight watchers diet. it was published in 1973, and included the idea for you to photocopy it and hand it out to your friends, to spread the word. it's the only edition that doesn't hold it's cards against its chest.

i plan to make a grocery list and buy groceries tomorrow morning. i will eat a boiled egg before i go. that should hold me and shouldn't break any ww rules. heck, i could probably have a slice of toast too!

i will be on that damned ball again! i hate that thing now. not really, but i;m sick of doing it and it's the only exercise that doesn't make me feel like shit the next day. i do have a copy of the 30-day shred. maybe i should bootcamp myself and cuss myself out daily, to keep my morale high. right, dah?

i will do ww and the ball for 30 days, then i will do the 17 day diet my friend is doing. i hope it's not the royal diet plan, i don't eant to do that thing. very unhealthy.

did anyone watch the wedding of the century? i missed it. i do remember watching lady di's wedding. i also had her haircut. i also line the white of my eyes with blue eye pencil, which she did. look at the photos. i did it too!

i am a princess!

osama bin laden is dead...

and i'm not feeling too great myself.

shout out to the late lewis grizzard!

and that's all i have to say about that.

shout out to forrest gump!

'cuz sometimes life is like a box of chocolates.

happy mother's day!

happy mother's day to all the mothers,
happy sunday to all the others?

tell someone you love them today.

then tell me all about it!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

lord willing and the creek don't rise

lots of plans have been changing.

we can't have the yardsale saturday, so we are going to have it june 3-4.

we can't get the ashes because the memphis bridge is going to be closed.

even if we got across the bridge, the road is closed at the first exit.

we will never get the ashes.

i have been going nuts getting ready for these 2 weeks to play out in a nice plan we had finalized.

and god said no.

one day, we will get it all together and it will be a whirlwind spree of ash scattering, inherited items received and a lovely meal to be feasted upon by all.

secretly, my gay friend and i are planning a trip to texas de brazil in october. i am registering with them and giving halloween as the anniversary date, so we get a 2/1 coupon to use. it will be nice to be wined and dined by an attractive man, although he pitches for the other team.