Thursday, May 26, 2011

the end of an era

i just realized that the world as we know it changed today.

oprah won't be there to tell us how to behave and be nice and save money and read books and get bras that are the right size.

however will i live my life without oprah telling me each step to make?

i guess i will have to live the way my grandmother did, flying by the seat of my pants. she was a woman to be admired. she married and divorced a few times while she was young. but she turned it around and broke the cycle. she started a company in the late fifties, sold it for a generous profit in the early sixties and was dead broke by the seventies.

i always thought she was a bit glamourous, in an elizabeth taylor kind of way. caftans and cigarettes. brandy snifters and cigarettes. dick cavett show watching and cigarettes.

she died of lung cancer at the age of 73, about 5 years ago.

that's why i'm an avid non-smoker.

i'm sure oprah would approve, were she still in power.

how will take over for oprah?

should i even try?

the least i can do is tell people to read, regardless of what it is they want to read.


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