Friday, May 27, 2011

the bad letter

i got a letter from an entity that shall remain nameless. it claimed i owed $40K dating from 2002! after my heart stated beatting again, i called the 800 number. after about 40 minutes, she came up with a refund amount of $8K in our favor and gave me explicit instructions as to how to fill out the forms. let's hope it pans out. i know i don't owe any money, as i have someone i trust go behind me and doublecheck my math- my achilles heel!

i am still trudging along with the house stuff and it gets real depressing. i have to file this, wait, get a response, send back my part, wait, get another letter telling me to initial here and mail it to the other end of the united states from where it came. gotta love the government!

i guess i am officially a CRAZY person cuz now i got papers about the house. you know how crazy people always have their papers. i got mine in a big binder with tabs and page protectors and stuff like that. i'm ready to take it to judge judy! yes, your honor, i have that documentation right here.


  1. Gotta love all of that paperwork...especially the binder and tab-by thingy-s and page protectors! Whoot Whoot! LOL ;)

  2. my husband keeps steering me to the crappy little store with the no-frills office supplies. i want to make a trip to the office supply place and get some pink folders and a nice polka dot binder to keep the duplicates and actual forms, a bag of automatic pencils and an adding machine. no, not an adding machine, just a cute calculator.

    did i mention my man stole the 4 shades of pink calculator? he was moving it from the floor where itchy left while playing, and he said it felt good in his hand. so i need another calculator.


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