Thursday, May 19, 2011

more garden stuff

as soon as i figure it all out, i will post photos on here of the plants i am talking about. technology was always my favorite thing, but lately i have had no desire to learn new things. i have to watch out, that's how you become a shut in!

i have 1 tomato plant in the front floor bed, planted by my granddaughter. i bought 3 more plants today- a big    jet star to put in a pot, and roma and goliath for the topsy turvy. i know, they are probably little more than gimmick, but my friend had one last year that just had a buttload of tomatoes on it. since i already have them, i may as well use them.

i also have red onions to plant. i think i will plant them in the flower bed, in the front yard. not because i am a hillbilly, but my little patch of flowers could use more green! i also have the bottom of a clove of elephant garlic, which hopefully will yield a big head of pungent goodness! i got some at the amish community a while back and it's so good! i chopped up half a clove and put it in a bottle of red wine vinegar along with lots of ground peppercorns, and it made the best salad dressing ever! i don't even miss the olive oil.

i got paid sunday and i feel like i am broke, but i bought $60 worth of frozen meats from angelfood ministries that i will pick up saturday morning. we got a small box of different meats and 10 lbs. of chicken nuggets, which we are splitting and sharing with root's bunch in exchange for half of the 10 lb. bbq pork packet. yum, bbq nachos and bbq pizza!

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