Wednesday, May 4, 2011

lord willing and the creek don't rise

lots of plans have been changing.

we can't have the yardsale saturday, so we are going to have it june 3-4.

we can't get the ashes because the memphis bridge is going to be closed.

even if we got across the bridge, the road is closed at the first exit.

we will never get the ashes.

i have been going nuts getting ready for these 2 weeks to play out in a nice plan we had finalized.

and god said no.

one day, we will get it all together and it will be a whirlwind spree of ash scattering, inherited items received and a lovely meal to be feasted upon by all.

secretly, my gay friend and i are planning a trip to texas de brazil in october. i am registering with them and giving halloween as the anniversary date, so we get a 2/1 coupon to use. it will be nice to be wined and dined by an attractive man, although he pitches for the other team.

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