Monday, May 16, 2011

i need a vacation!

i need a vacation. i need to get away. i may even drive to the amish settlement just because it is so peaceful. i need to recharge.

i am stressed not only because of my friend who died. i have a friend moving away.  i have the daughter-in-law from hell. my husband doesn't have a job and his unemployment is running out. he should be saving his money but he has developed an addiction to getting food from the convenience store. he's gaining weight. i'm losing weight, but it's hard to be around someone eating 5 meals a day, and not eat!

i have a garage full of stuff i have had forever, as well as some stuff i am selling for a friend. i hope i get $50 bajilliony dollars. everything must go. i don't want to have anything to take back home. i want some money.

to be honest, i still want a smart car. a white one please.

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