Sunday, September 30, 2012

nothing is broken except my heart!

nothing broke this week, but i am so mad i could spit.

bobo better get a ob or i might beat him to death with the tiny little hammer that come with the "don't break the ice" game.

at kroger, once you have 100 point (which is $100 worth of groceries purchased) you get .10 off each gallon of gas you buy in one transaction.

we had 59 points this month and we were going to the store and buy only enough to get by for a few days which would get us enough points for a cheap fill-up. we only need $41 pre-tax worth of groceries.

bobo kept buying food and wouldn't stop. we ended up spending $131. $90 more. and the points don"t carry over.

i was extremely pissed.

but i bit the bullet and decided to go ahead and buy some pantry stuff to get enough points.

i wasn't nice to him on the return trip.i'm sure it was evident in the sharpness of my voice, based on the evil looks i got from fellow shoppers.

but fuck them. fuck them all.

i am not taking bobo to the store anymore. he will eat whatever i bring home. he tried to explain the logic of buying food when you are hungry, so you buy more food. he is an idiot. i tried to explain to him that you buy when you AREN'T hungry, so you can make better decisions. he continued to tell me that if you aren't hungry, you won't buy enough food.

so he isn't allowed to go to the grocery store anymore.

because he is an idiot.

and i am an idiot for not getting rid of him years ago.

he has been working with root but not a lot.

there is a place near our home thathad a "help wanted- apply within" sign up friday. i told him about it friday when he got home. it wasn't there saturday because the place is closed. it makes sense they would take the sign in if they want prospective employees to apply inside and they are closed.

he think they took it in because they hired somebody.

he is an idiot.

and i am an even bigger idiot for still putting up with his crap.

lord help me. i am going to end up on the news for beating him to death with the help wanted ads.

i tried to distract myself at the store while i was seething with anger. i checked out the contents of one guy's basket and tried to guess what is going on in his life:

  • two 12 packs of diet coke with lime
  • a stack of lean cuisine dinners
  • pet food
  • toilet paper
  • a gigantic chocolate cake
based on his food choices, i came up with the following possible scenarios (these are just my opinions):
  • his wife is on a diet and he plans to eat the entire cake in parking lot and wipe his face with toilet paper. 
  • he eats dog food, which gives him diarrhea. the dog is on a diet. the cake is for someone else.
  • he is going to feed the pet food to his dog, then kill the dog with the chocolate cake. then he will go on a diet. the toilet paper will be used to mummify the body of the dog.
  • he is on a diet, the dog will eat the pet food. after he weighs in for the week, he will eat the entire chocolate cake, which will give him diarrhea.
you see where this is going?

i was doing it to keep me from getting madder.

i did buy myself some sushi to eat for dinner, on the second trip to the grocery. i figure it is my reward for putting up with bobo and not running him over with the handicap cart.

i have solved the problem. i just bring him what i want him to eat. he can unpack the car and bring the groceries in and unpack.

i plan on never shopping at kroger again. orget the .10 offf a gallon of gas, i will be shopping at wal-mart. while they don't sell bobo's fresh fish or my sushi, i don't want to kill my husband when i shop there, just the other customers and the employees.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

more stuff breaks!

this time it was my computer power cable, which is why i haven't been posting. i ordered another cable from ebay and the vendor was so freaking slow! but they sent me 2 cables and an apology, sp no sweat. however, being that i am prepared for the next time the cable screws up, i will probably never need another cable again in my life.

i did something impulsive and ridiculous. i bought a new laptop off of qvc, taking advantage of the easy pay plan. so i owe $93 to qvc for the next 5 months to pay it off- i had to make the first payment to place the order. this will have to be my christmas, valentine's day and birthday gift all rolled into one. it comes with a ton of software and the option of upgrading to windows 8 for $15 after the october release. i got it for $30 less than they normally sell it for and i got free shipping, which would have been another $30. i did get a great deal and i don't waste a lot of money buying stuff for myself.

i will, however, reconsider the cotton candy machine purchase. i haven't made it yet, but my dreams are filled with the idea of having cotton candy on demand. this would be a counter-productive move on part. it would not be the best idea to help me control my diabetes or lose weight.but mmmmmmm...cotton candy. cotton candy on demand without having to leave my far, i have resisted the temptation.

i made it to water aerobics one time, but only once this week.i forgot to get my bathing suit out of the washer to dry.have you ever tried to put on a wet bathing suit? it's like putting toothpaste back in the tube. besides, i was too worn out from the 2 hours i did the day before to even fathom getting out and doing it again.i felt better the next day but my joints ached and the bottom of my feet hurt, in spite of the fact i  wore aqua shoes. excuses, excuses. i know, i should get up and go. the schedule is on the fridge so i have to look at it every time i get a drink or something to eat. my bag is repacked so i can't use that as an excuse. i did discover a little time saver. i put on my bathing suit at home and wore a big loose dress over it, so i didn't have to go to the y and spend time putting on my suit. i packed real clothes to put on at the y after class and i took my shower and shampooed my hair there. i had forgotten my hair styler/dryer thing so i had to deal with flat frizzy hair. i got my new tags for my car that day. i didn't get my address on my license changed because i don't like the photo on my current one. i am going to fix my hair and put on make-up for the new one, so i don't have to wag around my driver's license where i look like a tired old witch.

i bought some new glasses from one of those internet specials where the first pair is free. this pair is like tina fey's and my old pair had gold wire rims, so it is hard to get used to the darker frames. but i sent a picture of me in my new glasses to my friend i've known from nursery school. he thinks i look a lot younger with the new frames. so my new license will have me with fixed hair- i got a haircut this week too- and make-up. i have gotten out of the habit of wearing make-up the same time i stopped working, but i am going to start back. i look so much better with cosmetics. but that is the point, right? the point being, i want the new license to look gorgeous.

i have been thinking about my sister a lot. i worry she will die still hating me. but i am blocked from her facebook and any mail i send her or my mom gets returned. i didn't do anything wrong and none of this is my faulty, but i don't have any way to contact her. i could drive the 150 mile round-trip to her house but that is no gurantee she will be home or even open the door if she is there. i hate to waste the gas, although i would be able to ride in comfort in my gangsta mobile. i think i will just stay home and be secure in the knowledge i did everything i could to work things out between us. she knows i hate drama and conflict, and i especially hate being ignored. she knows all this, which is why she is doing it, just to push my buttons. i am just going to keep my buttons to myself.

i had something else break. i ordered some pretty glass canisters to use for chistmas gifts. i planned on making candy to put inside them (packing each type of candy in a cellophane bag with a cute seal) and decorating the finial on the jar lid with red and green ribbon. they took over a month to arrive...and 2 of the 3 were shattering into tiny shards of glass. there goes that. it was one of those sites that has 3-day sales and you never know what they will have. you get credit when someone signs up and i had enough points to pay for them, but dang, i was really looking forward to super creative gift for the holidays. i had planned on giving them to the people in my daughter-in-law's family i am close to, but she and my son aren't getting along at the moment, so i may not even need gifts for them.

if you sign up, you get free shipping on your first order within 30 days of registration and i get credits to use on merchandise. just use this link totsy to sign up. they sell mainly infant and toddler stuff that would be great for baby showers or birthday gifts and the prices aren't too bad. the stuff is CUTE! they also have some cool stuff for your house, like candles and vases and they have a lot of purses and shoes. i just can't recommend the glassware, haha!

Monday, September 3, 2012

the juice is loose

i got a new car. well, a newer car. it's a 2010 chevrolet impala with less than 50,000 miles on it.i got a shitty interest rate because of my credit back from years ago, but i can affiord it. it is just taking up the slack i was looking forward to in my budget. so basically, i went from a higher house note to a lower house note with a car note and it all comes out almost even. i was looking forward to having that extra cash but a car is more important. a friend of mine told me to think of it as having a coupon for "buy a house, get a car for free." at least it's not a 72 month note, just a 66 month note. bobo can help pay for it with the job he is getting and we can pay it off early.

we got some really bad weather last night from hurricane issac, rain so thick you couldn't see anything, lightning, thunder. we lost power, flipping the breakers didn't help, so we called the utility company. they said they had limited crews, as most of the men were in louisiana prepared to work on the power lossage there and they had no idea when it would be back on. so we went to bed. but we noticed the a/c was still running, as well as the refrigerator and we had nightlights on in both bathrooms. we just figured it was wired differently that anywhere else we have lived. i got a call from the power company this morning saying the power was back on, but it wasn't. we still add the same situation as last night. i had them schedule someone to come out and look at it, even though there was a $75 fee if the problem was on our end.

then i called the electricians responsible for the house warranty. i got the emergency number off of their recording and called it. he said i called the wrong number but he did work for the company.weird,  i explained the problem and he said he would give the on-call guy a ring and have him call me. meanwhile, bobo was out in the garage fiddling with the breaker box. two if the breakers wouldn't flip. then suddenly the power came back on. i guess they were just sticky. the electrician called to tell him  he had contacted the guy on duty and he would be calling me. i told him never mind, but he said when the guy called me, to explain about the difficult breakers and they would fix them so they would flip easier.

then i called the utility company and cancelled their guy.

i've saved $75 this morning and it's not even noon!