Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Under The Knife

I see a surgeon about fixing my hernia soon, April 10. I found out he also does gastric bypass/lapbands, so I may do that.

But if I get just the hernia fixed, I can exercise more. My clothes will fit. I won't look like I'm stealing basketballs at Wal-Mart.I can still bust up a Red Lobster Endless Shrimp.

 I can't do that with a lapband.

I just want to be normal.

I Come Clean...Dirty Little Secret

My husband had a car wreck in the middle of February. My car was badly damaged and will not be out of the shop until tomorrow. I've gotten used to the little Versa rental.

He had been drinking. He plowed into the back of somebody who didn't have any brake lights. He didn't get cited for the wreck. They took him by ambulance to the hospital here in town.

He had taken his daily medication early. Then right before he left, he took a swig of Moon Shine I didn't know bout. Somehow the half-life of the drugs got kicked off by the alcohol.

I have made it very clear I am disgusted with his behavior. He pled guilty. He has to go to classes, go on 90 days unsupervised probation and get his license suspended for 90 days. He is  racking up the fines.

I sold our second car. I gave him the money to pay his junk, with the agreement he pay me back triple the amount.

He is never driving my car again. Ever. I am having him pulled off my insurance.

Drunk driving makes me so angry. It's the lowest of the lows. My first question was whether anyone was hurt. No, they are fine. But they were cited for no having brake lights, so technically I could sue them (as suggested by the judge). But I'm not.

He is applying for several jobs close to the house. I can drive him and pick him up.

He lost his visitation rights to my bedroom, if you know what I mean.

I'm about ready to file divorce. I have to go to this legal clinic to become administrator of my mother's estate. I just wanted to find out some answers to a few questions. But they want an administrator to speak with. The woman at the legal clinic feels like they are afraid I am going to sue over a few tings I discovered in her medical records. She says it sounds like they want an administrator to handle the settlement money. I might ask about a divorce while I'm there.

I'm tired of rescuing people. I need someone to take care of me.

I need someone to love and respect me.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I lost an hour somewhere...

Why does it seem like when the clocks go back an hour, the day sucks? I hate this day. I need to grocery shop. Too much trouble. I think  I will just use my Nutri-Bullet and throw all the fruit in there for dinner,

Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Squad 51...Start an IV with 6 mgs. Morphine Sulfate and transport to Rampart!"

I forgot the best thing ever!

We switched to Comcast from DirectV and they have a station with all my favorite TV shows I watched growing up. Like...

and ...

and a ton of other shows. They also have "Petticoat Junction", which I always thought was kind of gross, because of those country bitches bathing in the town's water supply. Nasty! I knew even then I didn't want my Tang made with cootchie water.

Doing It Over...My Way

Bucky is nowhere to be seen. I think she ran out of her hard drugs and finally read all the crap she put out on FB.

I am over her.

I still have the trophy from our diet class. I can  give it to someone to give it to her. I can lose weight on my own. If I keep going to our church, the scales are in the bathroom. I don't need to go to class anymore. I know how to make diet crap with sugar-free Jell-O and diet Cool Whip.

I have this urge to do some extreme dieting. And exercise. I want to be skinny again so bad.

I guess I will have to wear a rubber band and pop myself when I want food.

Once I get my dentures, I will have more options for food. Salads delicious salads. Watermelon will be in season soon. I can actually eat stuff without having to gum it to death.

I am going to be skinny.

If it kills me.

I will post my losses here. No one needs to know how much I weigh. Let's just say I gained back what I lost a few years ago.

I will use the 1972 WW plan (just click to see it) and add in a few stipulations:

  • No Sugars
  • No Starches
  • No Seconds
  • No Excuses
I will walk up and down my street, using my walker. I will start going to water classes at the Y. I will watch TV while pouncing on my big pink ball.

I will do it.

I promise myself. I can't disappoint myself.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

...the woes of being a quasi-Buddhist...

My friend hasn't liked any of my posts or  made  simple comment on my FB page since she burned over like Buddha quotes. She has sposted how much foood people have brought over to her house since she's been home. Our church has a ministry to bring food to people's homes when someone has been in the hospital. UUUUmmmm, I was in the hospital for 2 months, then me and Bobo were both in for a week and then I was in again for 4 days in December. No oone has brought so much as a glass of Kool-Aid to my house.

The preacher's wife who usually looks at at me, I smile at her and she turns away with a frown, But tonight she actually sat down beside me and initiated simple conversation. My hsband had to say his good words to the preacher after the service and the preacher asked about me.

I'm thinking no one came to my rescue on FB so they don't piss off my friend. But more people have been nice to me lately.

I'm wondering if I should even call her my friend anymore. I thinnk I'll call her Bucky.

I'm not going to stop posting Buddha quotes. They have kept me from beating the struedel out of people by calming me down. I don't complain when Bucky put videos of donkeys. It was something she coud have directed to me in a DM or something, not put it out there for the world to see. Drugs or not, it's rude!

And it made me cry!

Fuck her!