Sunday, March 2, 2014

...the woes of being a quasi-Buddhist...

My friend hasn't liked any of my posts or  made  simple comment on my FB page since she burned over like Buddha quotes. She has sposted how much foood people have brought over to her house since she's been home. Our church has a ministry to bring food to people's homes when someone has been in the hospital. UUUUmmmm, I was in the hospital for 2 months, then me and Bobo were both in for a week and then I was in again for 4 days in December. No oone has brought so much as a glass of Kool-Aid to my house.

The preacher's wife who usually looks at at me, I smile at her and she turns away with a frown, But tonight she actually sat down beside me and initiated simple conversation. My hsband had to say his good words to the preacher after the service and the preacher asked about me.

I'm thinking no one came to my rescue on FB so they don't piss off my friend. But more people have been nice to me lately.

I'm wondering if I should even call her my friend anymore. I thinnk I'll call her Bucky.

I'm not going to stop posting Buddha quotes. They have kept me from beating the struedel out of people by calming me down. I don't complain when Bucky put videos of donkeys. It was something she coud have directed to me in a DM or something, not put it out there for the world to see. Drugs or not, it's rude!

And it made me cry!

Fuck her!


  1. Are we Facebook friends? Why aren't we? Friend me!

  2. I will! I use a different avatar and email there, it's a little girl making an ugly face, I'll send you a friend request!


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