Sunday, May 8, 2011

another monday of tuna fish

i am starting my diet again tomorrow.

very strict.

no fast-food, no sugar, no flour and no seconds. i have been leveled out for about 6 weeks, so i think that's long enough that a new diet will shake up my metabolism. i'm going to do the original weight watchers diet. it was published in 1973, and included the idea for you to photocopy it and hand it out to your friends, to spread the word. it's the only edition that doesn't hold it's cards against its chest.

i plan to make a grocery list and buy groceries tomorrow morning. i will eat a boiled egg before i go. that should hold me and shouldn't break any ww rules. heck, i could probably have a slice of toast too!

i will be on that damned ball again! i hate that thing now. not really, but i;m sick of doing it and it's the only exercise that doesn't make me feel like shit the next day. i do have a copy of the 30-day shred. maybe i should bootcamp myself and cuss myself out daily, to keep my morale high. right, dah?

i will do ww and the ball for 30 days, then i will do the 17 day diet my friend is doing. i hope it's not the royal diet plan, i don't eant to do that thing. very unhealthy.

did anyone watch the wedding of the century? i missed it. i do remember watching lady di's wedding. i also had her haircut. i also line the white of my eyes with blue eye pencil, which she did. look at the photos. i did it too!

i am a princess!


  1. Good Luck with your diet! I, however, have gained at least 5 lbs (from dustballs) from licking my computer screen because of that DELISH looking cake picture of yours!!! LOL ;)

  2. that is the cake i would have if i were getting married now. heck, i might even get it from a bakery for our anniversary. if i keep looking at it all year, i'll eat the entire thing on the way home and dispose of the boxes while vowing to never do it again and never tell a soul.


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