Thursday, August 11, 2011


has anyone heard about the famous/infamous mommy blogger who posted a picture of a couple of her children doing the naked dirty dancing thing? i'm not including the link because i find she is repugnant.

she also linked her blog from a craig's list ad for a garage sale, so she handed out her address to anyone who looked there.

when did it become okay to give out your address to anyone who has a computer?

i really have no words for this.

as a child, my sister and i were called over to a parked car. i stood on my bike and refused. she ran over before i could catch her.

he wanted directions. he had a map.

he had no pants on under his map.

and he asked her because you know what well developed senses of direction 5 year-olds have.

she backed away and he drove off.

i had a flasher once. in the spring of 9th grade. right after the ceremony that wasn't. i told the women in the office and they called the police. i was called out during first period. the rumor was i had brought a pound of pot and it had been found in my locker. they just talked to me. they had already found him. he was the mentally challenged brother of one of my friends. did i want to press charges? no, i couldn't do that to jack. his parents promised to get his brother further help.

in both cases, we were victimized, no matter how slightly.

but i don't think my mother ran nekid fotos or published and address out in the paper.

damn you, internet!


  1. It's not the internet but the parents!

  2. SO TRUE!i just can't believe that people could be so clueless as to doing the worst things ever and carefully blog each moment. one day those kids are going to grow up and they are gonna be pissed!


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