Wednesday, October 3, 2012

good news!

i didn't go to my old lady class, it is now the third thursday of the month. i didn't register and put my email address last night, so i didn't get a notification. the next class is how to set tile, so i will be there for sure!

i found out my social security got approved. i haven't got the letters yet, but the local office told me when i went there for something else.i won't get any money because it will all go back to the disability insurance company. i do get medicare, so i can have my hernia fixed and both knees fixed. yeah, surgery!

the only good things about the hospital are:

  • no household chores
  • crushed ice on demand
  • GOOD drugs on demand= NO PAIN!
  • my own TV that only i control
  • someone else cooks all my meals
  • most hospitals now have FAST wi-fi and my new computer should be here by then
i have a bed jacket to wear because i am sure that i will get lots of visitors since i belong to a church now. i've got to cover up the ta-tas! hopefully they will send a plant and not actually come out.

i'm not looking forward to surgery, but it will cut out the pain and discomfort i have lugging my basketball-sized hernia around.any any more! i will look normal again!

there was a woman there at the local office. she was there from the time i got there until i was ready to walk out the door. i listened to her story. she had 2 children. she was there trying to get her check because the bank returned it in error instead of putting it in her account. she said she had exhausted all the area food banks and there was no food to feed her children. they went to school knowing there would be no supper. i gave her a $20 i had ear-marked for halloween candy. i wrote on the bill, "you need this more than me. please feed your kids. help someone else when you can. please know you are not alone. god loves you and i am praying for you. everything will be okay." i hope it helps her out a little bit.

i hope someone would do it for me if i needed it.

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