Friday, November 2, 2012

i am finally broke totally down...

something has crossed somehow during the full moon. i have to send proof to the insurance company about social security and i can't get it out of them. they keep telling me to wait for my award letter and i don't have a award letter yet. a letter has not even been written yet.

the other stuff the insurance company wants they already have a jillion copies of. i, on the other, have no copies of anything since the move.

i am supposed to get a check at the end of november. november! yes, 26 days from now, encompassing thanksgiving, and i still owe october's powerbill.

if they don't get the documentation, i don't get my check on the 15th. i can't get the documentation i need. i don't have any money. i have $54K floating around the universe somewhere, no one can tell me where or when i will get it.

 i have a $20 bill in my pocket and a few quarters in my piggybank.

i wish i didn't know the money was coming. it's killing me.

i am broke.

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