Saturday, November 24, 2012

lazy day...

i have been bumming around all day. it's cold. i am out of bed at least, but i put on a pair of shirts earlier before i know it was cold and i am freezing my behind off. it is do tempting to just crawl back in bed and stay all cozy under the covers.

i made a pot of spaghetti with meat sauce, cleaned the living room and cleaned about 1/2 of my bedroom. i think my domestic duties have been satisfied for today.

my money is still not here yet. i am ended up not being released until tuesday, so i only had tuesday, wednesday and friday for it to posts and i was told it takes 5 or 6 postings before you see your money. and of course this week it was not done until tuesday, so i missed monday. and due to thursday, i missed a day there too. it should be here early next week.

i ended up going to the target black friday stuff in the middle of the pre-dawn hours. i got a set farberware of pots & pans for $40 and a kitchaid 12 pc. knife block for $25. because i went in the middle of the freaking night, i got a $10 gift card to use later. then i used my target debit card for another 5% off. i have been meaning to buy new pots & pans because i have been using the ones i had for almost 12 years. i "lost" my knives during the move and have been trying to cut everything with a steak knife. it didn't work. so i got a few things off the list of things i will purchase eventually and i saved come money. it was worth waking up at an indecent hour, i guess.

i haven't been out of the house since then. i had bobo go get some bar-be-que last night. i didn't feel like cooking. i think i was just burned out from thanksgiving. my son had a fried turkey someone did up for them and they made mac-n-cheese and green bean casserole. her mom made sweet potatoes and brought rolls. i made sausage dressing, lima beas, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes and two pies- apple and cherry. i also brought gravy, kool-aid and ice cream. chickie made sweet tea.i did some cooking, but didn't do the entire meal. i got stuffed and ending up sleeping from 3 p.m.- 10 p.m. on the couch and from midnight to 5 a.m. in bed. maybe i have outgrown my sleep disorder. i slept last night from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. this morning.  i hope i can keep this up. it feels weird to be well-rested, almost like being drunk.

it looks like a pretty day ourside. i am going to put on some pants, a sweatshirt and my long flannel robe to go outside to sit in the sun. and socks, don't forget socks!

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