Monday, November 12, 2012

i was being a mean girl...

after i wrote about the devious ways i stalked an ex-boyfriend on the internet, i was over washed with guilt over what i was doing. suddenly, fiona apple "criminal" started playing in my head, "i was careless with a delicate man...when a girl will break a boy just because she can" , came on in my head and i realized i was being as petty as he was at 17. i'm a lot older than that. take that back, i am more mature than that. i saw the truth once it was all written out. god, what i doing was was fucking nuts.

i will be deleting the facebook account very soon. like as soon as i finish this post.

really? who needs him? one day i shall figure that out. and i would like to

did i mention my weight is on the downward swing after i dieted really hard for like 4 months! i won $646 in the pool, sometime 1-2 years ago. then i stopped losing weight, on purpose. now i am happily seeing the numbers go down. pisser- i missed $1695 by only 1/4 lb.!

anyway, i am making a conscious decision about every bite that goes in my mouth. nothing gross or over processed. not organic, just that healthy balance of being good fresh food, just not necessarily organic.

i am making some art for my kitchen. it's a picture frame painted black with a green chalkboard in the middle. like as huge as i can find at the thrift store. i plan on putting it by the back door, and also running some cup hooks down the side furthest from the door to keep all our odd keys on.

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