Wednesday, November 7, 2012

just shoot me

why, oh why, do we bother changing the clocks twice a year? it seems i just used to a time change and BOOM! we change it again! i have been unable to sleep since the time change. i am used to not changing the time on my watch until late on sunday evening, when i need the extra hour. but i need a new battery for my watch and i can't seem to find the right size. i have been dependent on my cell phone to tell time and as you know, those suckers change automatically. i totally missed getting my extra hour when i needed it. i have gotten only a few hours of sleep each night since then. i am out of sorts, with muscle aches and just plain cranky.

but i am up to the second season of family on youtube. it's one of those shows you remember watching but don't remember actual plot details. of course i HAD to watch the episode where leif garrett was trying to seduce kristy mcnichol. i have to avoid reading the comments until i have watched the episode because they are sometimes hilarious and can skew the way i view the episode. i even saw the one where tommy lee jones seduced meredith baxter-birney. totally missed that the first time i watched it in 1976. he was so cute. what happened to his skin? he looked baby soft then, now he looks like he tans in a microwave.

the highlight of my week-end was attending a birthday party for a dog. yes, my granddaughter's mini-pin. we celebrated at her other grandmother's house with the best hamburgers. i haven't had a good burger in a while and this one hit the spot: black angus 1/3 lb. patty cooked on a charcoal grill, toasted bun, strong red onion, all the fixings, with sour cream and onion potato chips.

i almost didn't go. i wasn't originally invited, but root and chicky got into an argument. i was supposed to bring my son back to my house to spend the night, but somehow i got invited to the dogs party and took him out there. he ended up going back home with chickie and the grandkids. he says he wants to leave but he doesn't. he doesn't want to hurt the kids.

months ago, he took a sperm test. originally they said he had good sperm with great motillity. nope! upon further analysis, his sperm are swimming in circle, chasing their own tails. i guess that's why he never knocked anyone up during high school!

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