Monday, January 21, 2013

sweet feets

i haven't been slacking, i have been in the hospital.

i was sick with what i thought was the flu the week before christmas but it was actually a diabetic complication. i was sick all over, my foot was infected and i was talking out of my head. when i went to the hospital christmas day, my blood sugar was 588. coma level.

i ended up losing a toe.

since then i have been taking antibiotics and vitamins, getting hopped up on good narcotics and eating some of the gross food. i could have gone home and have a nurse come out everyday to give me my medication, but it would cost $78 a day. as long as i stay in the hospital, it's free.

so i am here until feb. 10 or so.

i will try to post more but i'm really  tired today, and i have a skin graft tomorrow.

but i am still here.

the food is gross. in a cruel twist of fate, i can see the best hot wing joint from my window.

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