Sunday, January 18, 2015


There is blog I used to read. She was a happy woman, my age, with a fulfilling career, good social circle, Everything seemed rosy.

I even met her. She was as nice in person as she was on her blog. We met for coffee when she was traveling with her boyfriend.

Then she got married and started a new blog. Then she abandoned it.

Today I was cleaning up old bookmarks and clicked on her blog, just once more, before deleting it.

And there was her blog. She had lost 100 lbs., headed off diabetes and gone back to college to further her education.

But she looks 70 years old. Wrinkles out the wazoo. Brittle looking, Not looking like she has much longer on the planet.

I know you can't judge by looks, but she looks like she's been under a ton of stress. Her writing is different. She is very hard and judgemental. She not the same person she was before.

So I hit delete.

I am sad.

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