Friday, February 13, 2015


There are no Earth-shattering plans in my future. I guess we will cook steak and baked potatoes and I will also have a salad. I got Bobo a Carpenter's album. He knows it's a CD- he got the mail that day, but he doesn't know who it is by. He mentioned not having all his old '70s songs right after Christmas and I remembered.

My son and his nut ass wife are going to a charity ball tomorrow night. She got her hair cut and colored and bought a nice dress and pair of shoes. I would be happy for them, but I know they are behind on their house note and a bunch of bills. You would think they might save the money- not just for her expenses, but also the $100 ticket price- and put the money toward their household expenses, but she buys crap she can't return and expects him to be okay with it. I also saw on Facebook where she bought some $50 Miss Me jean, but there is no way she will ever fit into them, not as big as her butt is! Ok, that wasn't nice, but neither is she!

Sunday is my granddaughter's 12th birthday. I got her a bunch of small gifts, like a Taylor Swift CD,a chevron scarf, the Wreck It Everywhere journal, a few new nail polishes she doesn't have and some jewelry tattoos. I have been listening to he and the things she wants and I bought them for her because she wanted.

Oh well, happy Valentine's day to me!

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