Saturday, January 7, 2012

it's not a nightmare- it's REAL!

you can now go on a celebrity cruise with kate gosselin! yes, you can! this just blows my mind, because i know that somehow, this will end with us wrestling on the lido deck and i push her over board.

at first, i thought the kids would be there. can you imagine the kind of perverts who would love to get the tups out to sea into international waters? so i was happy to see it's just her. not the kids too. it's not like i hope the boat sinks like the titanic or anything, but damn, a week with kate gosselin? this sounds like something you do if you are in jail and want your sentence reduced. or you have a rebellious teen who won't listen to reason. just send her to sea for a week with kate! i bet she comes off the boat and hugs you. she may need therapy though.

i really shouldn't talk bad about her, no one is clamoring to go on a cruise with me either.

i bet the food is really is really crappy and they have exercise sessions all the time. or motivational walks. i think i would just jump overboard and kill myself instead.

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