Sunday, January 1, 2012

bucking the trend

i know it's the trend for bloggers to write new year's resolutions, but i think that i will list my new year's suggestions instead. these are a bit looser and a bit less structured. there is no penalty, nothing to break. here goes:

  • stop buying stuff i don't need
  • stop feeling guilty when i buy things i do need
  • get rid of the hoard of crap in the garage
  • stop bringing crap home
  • say no sometimes
  • say yes sometimes
  • eat healthier
  • exercise more
  • eat less
  • feed your brain

 think that's enough for now. feel free to adopt these no-fail new year's suggestions. print it out, and post it on your refrigerator or thumbtack it up in your cubicle. pick pretty paper. choose a font you like. pretty it up. heck, get it tattooed on your behind, i don't care. just do it. i think it will make you feel better.

i need a name for it. how about "10 e-z steps to a new me"? okay, we'll go with that for now.

i am also going back to not having drinks with meals. i mean, no cokes, no tea. i don't drink alcohol that often but it's always at home- it's cheaper to buy your own liquor and i don't have to tip the bartender! but sodas and such are $1.50-$2.50 each. i can buy a couple of 2 liters for that price. it's back to water for me. this year i am going to put the money in a bank and save it. for what, i don't know. i'm sure i'll find something to spend it on. i don't eat out often, just once every two weeks or so. it's so much cheaper to cook.

i hope you had a great celebration last night. i was in bed at 11, then the neighbor boy starting shooting off fireworks at 11:45. i didn't go back to sleep until almost 1. oh well, who can complain about beautiful fireworks?

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