Friday, December 30, 2011

pen to paper

it's that time of year when i begin thinking about the calendar i will use for the coming year. it's a tradition for me to go to the bookstore on jan. 1 and get one for 1/2 price.

i go back on mlk day and get the ones i want for 90% off! then i go crazy. my favorites are the ones with solid bound covers, like textbooks. i get a secret thrill, as if i'm defacing a text book.

i have been using a medium-sized blue sky for the last few years. i have a filofax i use to stick in info that is not relevant at this second. tree guy? he's in there. that kind of thing.

i have bought a small wire-bound planner, out of the the dollar bin. it's pink and black. it will fit in my purse easily. i am going to try it out.

but i might buy the blue sky one anyway. you never know.

the check with the lady liberty is coming. i got a notice to send more documentation for something, my bad. it didn't mention a tax, it just said my refund couldn't be issued until i sent it in. that thing is going in the mail tomorrow. i have to go to the po box, so i will mail it then, as well as something else i need to get in the mail.

i found an attorney and we have to come up with some upfront money so that what we can see if the documents i have is actually what was filed. i will have the money jan. 15 and we are working on an inventory list for damages. they will take the case on a contingency basis, so i am making sure i get every safety pin that was in the house.  i think it will only take a letter from an attorney to get a settlement.

i am still looking for a house. i think i have a line on one near the church. it's got a fsbo and a for rent sign in the yard. the backyard is fenced for the mutt. he's not really a mutt, but just a pedigree with a bad attitude.

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