Monday, November 21, 2011

giving thanks!

i have something big to be thankful for:

i don't have to cook this year. i am going to my aunt's house. all i have to bring are drinks. those are easy enough to conjure up.

no dirty dishes, no sinks full of sorted china and crystal that take forever to wash and dry.

i think i am having a special christmas breakfast. i bought a stand that holds 12 appetizer plates, so i can use those and not have a million dishes to wash. those grandkids love some pork, so here is what the menu is shaping up to be:

  1. scrambled eggs
  2. a big ass ham
  3. bacon
  4. sausage links (and maybe patties too)
  5. biscuits
  6. sausage gravy
  7. hashbrown casserole 
  8. pancakes or french toast (or maybe eggo waffles but cook them in the oven
  9. hot cocoa
  10. sweet tea
i have enough time to buy the things i need on sale between now and christmas. the ads are very good at the grocery store at this time of year. i will use my holiday book and write it all down. 

did i ever tell you about the holiday book? it's a big red journal i got at some dirty santa game, but i like it. it's got a red leather cover and about 200 lines pages. i write a menu for each holiday i host and make out the shopping list. i also have a list of ingredients in each dish, so if i want to remove something from the menu, i know what ingredients i don't need to purchase. i also make copies of the recipes and tuck them into the journal. i make paper pockets and label everything. i also make a copy of the recipe to fit an index card and file them in the recipe box. it's a very martha thing to do. 

i also feel being very fancy this chistmas, my gay friend is coming up and i love him to death. so we will drink sweet tea out of my best wal-mart goblets and dine off my pampered chef appetizer plates. we are doing a huge christmas feast of mainly appetizers and a ham. we also have the grub list of places to visit, like the mexican buffet. he's never been. the oriental huge buffet with a big sushi bar.  the good sandwich shop from 30 years ago. 

dang, i'm getting hungry!

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