Tuesday, November 22, 2011

send in the clowns...

i made my trip to the grocery store today. i needed to buy drinks to take to my aunt's house. i refuse to wait until tomorrow. everybody and their aunt will be running out to buy those few things they forgot, it's going to be a madhouse. so i went today and got what i needed and go out in about 1 minute flat. the drinks are out in the car. i am bringing them in to the refrigerator so they will cold for thanksgiving.

it is so nice not having to cook, but while i am enjoying my clean counter tops and clean dishes and no piles of pots and pans, i do kind of miss the family being busy together. but i console myself with the thought that i have SURFACES for the holidays. yes, all you ab-fab fans, i have SURFACES. i did not purchase them.

i didn't really decorate for thanksgiving. i just used my default flowers and curtains, which are kind of brown-y and fall-ish. it'll pass for thanksgiving.

but i am blowing this bi-otch out for christmas. i am excited for my friend to come see my house and spend time with me. i am getting out all my christmas decorations and floozy up the place. i have the urge to go to the craft store and buy a glue gun and go crazy, hot-gluing things everywhere. but i am going to control myself and wait until after christmas, when it is on clearance! clearance is my favorite holiday.


i have this really bad craving for sushi, i will wait until saturday lunch and go to the good sushi place. i can bring a book, then go the back way to my secret parking place at target. there are 4 spaces immediately to the right of the target store, ring along the edge of the building. one is handicapped. they might as well paint my name on that one. by going the back way, i avoid all traffic.i'm just navigating between 3 different shopping centers back lots. but it works for me.

and now for something really thought-provoking:

john lennon said it best.

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