Wednesday, March 16, 2011


while husband and i were busy being sick sick, we failed to abduct a vagrant with a cheerful smile who likes doing domestic chores hire a maid to do the housework. now that i am feeling better  i am catching up on piled/loads of dirty dishes and mountains of clean unfolded laundry (not the  stinky dirty kind, we at least had the sense to throw the dirty flu-ridden clothing and washing everything in hot water with bleach). i wish they made a sorting and folding machine, i would buy one in a heart beat! i would love to own a nice maytag or whirlpool or LG or whatever from load washer and dryer. quick some employee with a boring day, send me some to review. i will heart you forever!
i have remodeled the front bedroom we use as a tv room (but usually it's the quiet room where i sit and stare.) i am at the point of revision where it requires the purchase of a beautiful full futon cover from csnstores (i've been trying to win a gift certificate from there forever!!!!) and it's beautiful, right at $100. it's all orange burgundy, and asian and beautiful. the pattern is above. it is called sikora. i am open to product review for this item, and ottoman cover and some bolsters and pillow covers too! i am putting off cleaning out the alcove because i will have to move the recliner and that's a chore in itself. i have a verdigris iron baker's rack with has the top in the garage, and i need to get a piece of glass cut for one of the shelves. if beveling doesn't the bank, i will just have pieces cut for the other matching shelf as well as a piece to covert the grate in the bottom. i tried to pull off a double decorative theme here: asian, as done in a very overblown agatha christie oriental express style with some sushi and lush fabrics thrown in. i had to work within my budget, so a good bit of my accents are from the clearance aisle at Marshall's.

if i were rich, it would be the meditation room.

but i'm poor and i have too much stuff in it and it looks more like a chinese restaurant in an obscure strip mall. but i like it.

i think bobo is getting me a digital camcorder for my birthday. he asked me what i want and i even showed him the target ad, as well as an alternative if that one is sold out. i also told him the $30 fake bamboo plant at the discount store would work as well.

in other news, i made it to round 2 of the charlie sheen internship contest. i submitted my application yesterday. the lioness sleeps with one eye open.

i am winning.

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