Sunday, March 20, 2011

energized by the sunshine and the supermoon

did anyone catch the supermoon last night? i went out to watch it and it seemed much clearer than it normally does. the people 2 doors down had their solstice party, they had the last one at christmas. i can only guess that they are pagan or wiccan, as they never have company unless it is within a few days of a solstice. i have detected a pattern. i guess i did a gladys kravitz on them. i wish they would invite me. but this neighborhood is not designed to make friends easily. we are isolated by a ditch between every yard and we live on a very steep hill.

it was so nice yesterday, i did some gardening work, which at this point is just cleaning things up and deciding what will go where. i have planted my iris bulbs and plan on planting some bulbs that are like white buttercups. i want to get a forsythia bush for the front floorbed, as well as couple of hostas.

i have planted iris bulbs in pots on either side of the back door. to one pot, i added hollyhock seeds. to the other, i added delphiniums. i want to be able to fill my house with fresh cut flowers!

i am not sure what to do about the trellis situation. i have 3 trellises which i plant in front of the porch and use it to enclose the front porch. i am not sure if i want morning glorys, moon flowers and four o'clocks (so that it is in effect a living clock) or trying crimson vine this year. i planted too may last year- 6 flowers per trellis- and it bent the trellises. so we wired a metal chair to it to keep it upright. when that fell, we started adding bricks to the chairs to hold it down. i think 2 flowers max per trellis will be enough. i did find some pink morning glory seeds, so that might be interesting.

i won't even get started on the roses!

i would like to find tea bushes, so i can make my own tea. i think that would be fun. i also want a pomegranate bush. but i am doing this the frugal way ad getting things on sale, or smaller specimens or accepting any gifts of cuttings and rootings the universe might send my way.


  1. I did not see your moon... I just came for some gardening tips :)
    Have a great one!

  2. you too! stop by anytime. i am growing native american pocket melons his year- it's an heirloom breed. we'll see how it grows.


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