Friday, March 18, 2011

ass, gas or grass- no one rides for free!

i see by my stats that a lot of people cruise by my place. i wish you would cosider leaving me some comment love, just so i get an idea of who is here.

otherwise, i will ask for cash and put a tip jar up there! you know how funky people get about those.

i need some money or some love!

leave me some love! please!


  1. Cocoabean, here, from I'm using Cox from San Diego!

  2. hi cocoabean! how are things at the hundred dollar store? have a good day!

  3. Here's some love - I love the white cake in your logo.

    Side grooves: Tupperware cake tool
    Edges: Wilton star tip #48
    Top: off-set spatula smacked down and pulled straight up to make little peaks.


  4. hi suzette! i've been reading ALL of your blog and i have a lot of comments you need to know. but alas, i couldn't decide which moleskine journal to use and what color ink- fine or medium? i think you get me! i'm dying to find out what you bought for your living room. my mantle currently has a sushi poster from hong kong, my husband's softball trophy from 1972 and a bank in the shape of a big lock. eclectic, maybe? or functionally dysfunctional? this is what happens when your husband is on unemployment and ALWAYS around!

    i didn't make the cake, but if someone else did, i would eat it! i do think they used the tupperware tool for the sides.


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