Wednesday, June 1, 2011


nothing is happening with me.

i have been praying a lot for those affected by the tornadoes. i am having a big yard sale and after i pay out my friend for what ever she sells, i am donating the proceeds toward recovery efforts. i am also donating what is left to the church that is taking donations down there. the kids have some books and clothes that i am bringing. i have about 15 boxes of stuff from my friend who moved. i have a laundry pile of clothing i have "outgrown" by losing weight, so i can be shed of those. there are a few pieces i am putting on ebay. i think i could get more than a buck for those.

otherwise, everything is a dollar or less. i don't plan on bringing anything home with me.

i will get gift cards that i will give the church to pass on to those who need it. the only reason i am going to all this trouble is to get money that can be used for needed items. plus a $100 gift card takes up less space than a trunkful of household doo-dads.

the next couple of days are going to be busy. i don't want to sell dirty clothes, so i am making sure everything is clean. i have some hangers but i need more. i am selling more of my stuff. i am moving the car out of the garage and just dragging everything out in the middle of the floor before i box it up.

it's not supposed to rain and the yard we are using is shaded. i will get my change thursday at the bank.i have a bank full of quarters, i may use that instead. i could work on collecting $1 bills for the next couple of days.

wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! What a wonderful undertaking - you're racking up the karma points ;)

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  4. i keep deleting the post, i put it in the wrong place.

    we sold $130 approx. i gave my friend her part of the money. the other $90 to the pastor of the church, who is going to get the diapers. he was shocked we made it when it was 100 degrees!


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