Wednesday, June 29, 2011


i have gotten an extension on getting my paperwork into the eye who sees all. i have another month. i have had a hard time making myself sit down and do it. so i took a page from the parenting handbook and ordered a very coveted item from sephora- a nars blush in super orgasm.  i can't use it or even open the box until i mail off the stack of paperwork. that will be my reward, my carrot on the stick. i've really wanted it for a while- i love the color- so i figured if anything will make me it done, this will.

i also took on 1/2 days work doing a resume for a friend. he doesn't have a job and he had mentioned he found a propane tank for a grill when he was moved and had no idea where it came- his house is in forclosure. i need a propane tank for a grill. so we decided to swap. he brought the tank over yesterday and will be bringing me his info for the resume tonight. a resume is pretty easy and won't take me any time to finish. i told him it would be ready monday but i'm hoping i can bang it out in no time, by friday if he gets it here tonight.

my housework is suffering. but i am doing okay. the dishes are done, and bobo aand i have decided to just eat off two plates, 2 bowls and 2 glasses. it makes dish washing time much easier. i've boxed up a bunch of stuff i know i won't need everyday- like thanksgiving crap. i've left some things out, like extra plates in case the kids and kidlets come over. i refuse to eat on paper plates and i feel like my culinary masterpieces deserve something better than paper plates.

i'm kind of doing a slow purge in prep for moving sometime in the next year.i'm having one more yard sale in the fall then all my clutter should be done.

i did have one bright spot. i bought a keurig coffee maker for .01 and free shipping on ebay. it was supposed to be non-working for parts only, and i was going to let bobo work on it. but it works! now i just need to buy some k-cups. i know this doesn't fit in with frugality and decluttering. i only drink coffee once in a while and i figured out i can make it a lot cheaper than starbucks. seriously, i drink maybe a cup a week, so it's not really an issue. i'm going to buy a few types of k-cups and eventually it will all even out.

nothing else is going on. soon i will be over the paperwork and i will be running around cleaning the house wearing beautiful nars blush in super orgasm!

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