Sunday, July 3, 2011


we were originally supposed to eat at church tonight- they always have a fellowship dinner the first sunday of every month. we were going to cook out tomorrow- hotdogs, porch chops, steaks (stuff from the freezer).

the picnic at church has been postponed until tomorrrow evening. then i found the coupon for bogo at logan's steakhouse and i really want to go. so we may have to cook the meat then refreeze it and eat it next week-end.

i need to make something to take to the church picnic. i realized today that all my go-to recipes are oriented to being winter dishes, although i live in the south and it's fall/winter only 4 months of the year. i need to learn to make some wonderful summer dish that travels well.

i usually make something italian and in bulk, like pans of stuffed shells, lasagana, or a crockpot full of pasta de fagiole soup or chili.

which doesn't sound very appetizing in 100 degree weather.

and i will get the reputation as "crazy lee who brought chili to the fourth of july picnic."

so i'm off to wal-mart to cruise the aisles in my special cart, looking for something tasty, summery and easily toted to a picnic.


  1. So, what did you come up with to take to the picnic? I hate picnics in the summertime, because I also never can come up with anything creative or "summery." I once saw an article, in a woman's magazine, about how you can take a watermelon, cut it in half, scoop out the flesh with some type of melon-scooper, then refill it with the now-round melon balls and assorted other fruits. It looked yummy. Have I ever tried it? Nope! ;)

  2. i rook some frozen fruit jell-o thing and a divided dish with 2 kinds of greens. i make a watermelon basket one time and it went over big. i was also doing a tutorial on the net that showed how to make edible arrangements and i can'y find it now. basically, you cut flowers out of fruit with cookies cutters, decorate with cherries and the thread them on skewers and stick them in styrofoam in whatever vase you are using. i got a flip video, i need to clean up the kitchen and make an arrangements. something to shoot for! i can't seem to get the entire house clean at the same time!


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